Magic Tricks To Get You From Gym To Desk And Drinks In Minutes

You know the feeling, you’ve been saintly, didn’t snooze your alarm and you made it to the gym before work, but now you’re waiting for your skin to cool down so you don’t turn up to work in a shade that’s somewhere between ripe tomato and beetroot. The same is true if you side-stepped an inactive lunch ‘al desko’ and made it to a lunchtime spin class (or executed an ’emergency’ shopping spree), before dashing back to the office at double-speed. The solution is savvy skincare and even savvier makeup and that’s where SportFX comes in; a range of skincare and colour cosmetics designed for those of us who just can’t help keeping  busy, but don’t want all the non-stop action to get in the way of our beauty goals.

Here are some tricks for getting you from treadmill to desk, spin to deadline and morning meetings to after-work drinks in pristine condition…

Beat the beet
If you go red when you workout (or race for the train), then your focus will be on cooling down your skin. It’s great to sweat, but you only really want to do it during your workout, not an hour later when you’re at your desk. To cool down red skin use a cooling primer, SportFX Cool Down Primer and Recovery Gel, £9.99, that acts as a moisturiser and a primer, but also contains aloe vera to have an instantly cooling and anti-redness effect on skin. The fact is adds a soft-focus finish and helps your makeup last way longer is an added bonus.

Come on chaps
A hectic schedule can leave your skin dehydrated, which can really show in your lips. If they feel rough or as though they’ve lost volume after a workout then SportFX Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm, £4.99, can help. It contains a mix of shea butter and nourishing oils so you can feed some of the moisture back in while you up your water intake. Oh, the flavour is addictively delicious and the application is so easy thanks to the domed shape – hello handbag essential.

Pump up the volume
A week spent juggling busy work days, sweaty workouts and dinners with friends won’t just leave your hair with greasy roots, it can knock out all your volume, especially if you tie it up and have to pin down a fringe. You don’t have to do a full blow-dry after each workout, instead you can flip your head over and use SportFX Dry Shampoo, £2.99, that does the job of soaking up any excess oil on the scalp and in the roots as well as putting the bounce back in that non-stop agenda may have worked out.

Look after those lashes
You’ve made the effort to get away from your desk for a lunchtime class, but you emerge from the sweat session with mascara smudged all over your face. It’s not a good look and is one of the biggest complaints about makeup in the gym. SportFX have sorted the problem with their Sport Stamina Mascara, £7.99, which is designed to the job of a volumising, lengthening mascara in a formula that won’t melt all over your face the second you start your circuit training – or just step outside on a rainy day.

Fake it ’til you Make it
No time to apply a full face of makeup? Whether you squeezed in an early Pilates class or enjoyed an extra few minutes in bed, doing your makeup on the go doesn’t have to be a nightmare.The soft cushion applicator of SportFX Core Cream Concealer, £8.99, makes swiping it under eyes and around the nose a quick and easy way to fake the illusion of I-woke-up-like-this skin. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.



Beauty Editor