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Face Framers: Discover The Brow Shape To Complement Your Peepers

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Whether you pluck, thread or wax, the secret to creating your ideal eyebrow shape lies in the shape of your face. You see, the way you shape your brows has the ability to totally transform and sculpt your face, whether you want to elongate roundness or soften the jawline.

Here's our guide to getting the best brows of your life...

If your face is roundAim to give your brows an angular shape with a gently defined arch - but make sure you don't curve them too much, as this can make your face look rounder.


If your face is heart-shapedA soft arch to your brows will soften your chin, so start by shaping them into a low arch and then slightly curve the shape. This will help strike a balance between the width of your forehead and the narrowness of your chin.


If your face is squareBegin with a curved, soft arch from the middle to end of your brows. Then to balance out your face, keep all angles soft and the outer tail of the brow lifted to draw attention away from the jawline.


If your face is ovalOften considered the ideal shape for its ability to suit the majority of brow shapes. But your best bet is a soft angled brow - just be careful not to over-arch as this can make your face look too long.


If your face is longA relatively flat eyebrow shape will break up the face, in turn making it appear shorter.


If your face is diamond-shaped To soften the angles of your face and reduce the widest part, opt for a curved eyebrow shape. It'll work wonders.

Writer and expert
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