Here’s How To Conceal Blemishes…

No one has time for breakouts. Whether it’s a red pimple on the end of the your nose or a rashy patch on your T-zone, flare-ups are something you usually want to hide.

Here’s something that might make you feel slightly better about things… Supermodels and A-listers get breakouts just the same as we do, but the only difference is that they’ll have a makeup artist at hand to make them magically disappear. That’s why we’ve asked Caroline Barnes, makeup artist to the stars and host of Speed Beauty, to give us her no-nonsense guide to faking perfection when your skin isn’t playing ball…

Start normally…
You don’t have to pull out the big guns right off the bat. ‘Apply your foundation all over your complexion as you would if you had no spots,’ explains Caroline. ‘Blend the product seamlessly over your skin and down towards your neck until the skin tone connects.’

Choose your formula wisely
Certain formulas might make your breakout worse – especially if you tend to use oil-based foundations – so pick a foundation that’ll make your skin look great and will also support its recovery. ‘Use a water-based foundation like Makeup Forever Ultra HD or a mattifying one, if your skin is really oily, such as Clinique Stay Matte.’

Pause, take a step back and assess
It could be tempting to start dabbing concealer everywhere, but Caroline advises taking a good, hard look at your skin at this point. ‘Analyse how your skin is looking and see where you need extra coverage. Only conceal the areas that need concealing, not your whole face. This ensures that you have a fresh finish rather than that mask-like look.’

Get your concealer just right
Caroline advises using the right sorts of tools of the trade. ‘Take a synthetic brush and use an opaque concealer such as Benefit Bo-ing or Cover FX Blemish concealing stick (which contains salicylic that’ll help breakdown congestion in the flare up) and add the concealer over the top. Feather the edges so the change in texture doesn’t look like a blob.’

Target your powder
In the way you’d ‘set’ your makeup with powder, it’s important to ‘set’ your concealer to ensure the coverage lasts. ‘With a puff, press a powder foundation over the top of what you’ve concealed. Rather than just using a powder this formulation will give you extra coverage. Try Mac Studio Fix or Nars Foundation Powder.’

The Final Touch
If you’re trying to conceal any kind of breakout or blemish staying power is key. ‘Lastly dust a light translucent powder over all over your face to set the makeup and soften the area you have concealed,’ advises Caroline.



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