Beauty School: Four Ways To Use A Chubby Eye Pencil

They may well be more akin to a piece of stationary than makeup, but this is precisely what makes chubby eye pencils so great.

You see, the pencil-style applicator and super creamy texture of the shadow make for the perfect combination. We’re talking buildable, blendable colour that’s super easy to apply, whether you’re sat in front of your dressing table or hastily applying on-the-go. The result? Your eyelids are left with a beautiful veil of colour that lasts all day long.

Eyeshadow pencils have quickly become our go-to when it comes to eye makeup – which is precisely why we popped DE BRUYERE Beauté’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in your November Glossybox! The metallic khaki-grey hue is our new shade to smoke with ever since we spotted it circling models’ eyes at Victoria Beckham’s autumn/winter 2016 fashion show.

Here are four ways we’ve been applying it…

For a subtle hint of colour, draw a line along the top of your eyelid and then blend it outwards using your fingertip.

For a smokey metallic look, apply the shadow pencil over the whole of your eyelid, blending the colour outwards, and then along the lower lash line. Apply more colour to the outer corner of your lid to create a smouldering finish and add a gradient.

Line it
For a dash of colour, carefully use the pencil to draw a smooth line along your eyelid, flicking it out at the edge. Gently take it along your waterline and then use the very tip of the pencil to draw a thin line along your bottom lash line.

To amp up the colour, try adding a little powder eyeshadow into the mix. Start by using an eyeshadow brush like RUBY Professional’s Large Tapered Blending Brush to apply a dark brown shadow across your lid, then layer this up by applying the shadow stick on top for a brown, metallic finish. You can also take the pencil along the lower lash line.

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