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Five Niche Fragrance Brands You Need To Know

Five Niche Fragrance Brands You Need To Know
Writer and expert6 years ago
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You know those fragrances that are instantly identifiable as soon as someone walks through the office? Well, while these classics will always have a big place in our hearts, we're starting to free up more space for scents that have a slightly more personal edge. After all, who wants to always smell the same as everyone else?

We're talking about the more niche brands that blend and bottle the most sophisticated and unique of scents. The price tags may well be higher, but you're investing in olfactory art here as every bottle contains precious ingredients that are beautifully housed in hefty, luxe bottles and, most importantly, one spritz will have everyone trying to guess what you're wearing (in awe, may we add).

Here are five of our favourite under-the-radar scents to add to your signature scent shopping list. Who needs to pay rent this month, anyway?


You may have spied a bottle or two on your Instagram feed, as the Swedish fragrance is a cult brand for those in the olfactory know. Sourcing materials from around the world, there's a scent in the collection to suit everyone and anyone. Carefully created by world-renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, Gypsy Water, £95, is an industry favourite, blending bergamot, pepper, orris, pine needles and sandalwood, it leaves a woodsy and crisp scent in its path.

Le Labo

The great thing about Le Labo, which launched in New York back in 2006, is it focuses on and celebrates single ingredients. Oh, and what's more if you set foot in one of the stores, you'll be able to have your chosen scent freshly blended to order! Santal 33, £175, is an iconic fragrance among fans of the brand, as it truly stands out in a crowd and is guaranteed to have people asking what scent you're wearing. It cleverly fuses rich smokey notes, spices, leather with iris and violet, creating a fragrance that's well and truly unforgettable and totally worth the investment.

Tom Daxon

As the son of Molton Brown's creative director, it's safe to say Tom Daxon grew up surrounded by fragrance and this totally translates across to his brand, as it goes without saying every single scent is a labour of love. Forgoing trends, he chose to base each fragrance (all of which are unisex) on personal preferences, and the minimalist heavy glass bottles quite simply add to the appeal. For floral fans, Crushing Bloom, £105, is one of the most incredible scents we've ever come across. It ticks all the boxes without being a predictable floral, as the combination of floral and spicy notes makes it not only original but utterly addictive.

Clive Christian

Clive Christian has won the hearts of many a fragrance fan, namely because he creates the finest, most incredible perfumes for the modern world. The Private Collection marks key moments in his life - from infancy to Royal recognition - via five scents for men and women, each adorned with a different letter in his name. 'L', £275 (sure, it may the same price tag as a holiday but it'll last you a lot longer), is a floral chypre that sparkles with pink, black and white pepper, peach, damask rose and jasmine, over a base of vanilla cedar and vetiver.

By Kilian

When By Kilian first launched in 2007, Kilian Hennessy's aim was to achieve the perfect fusion between elegance and uncompromising luxury, while also making sure every fragrance reflected his distinct personality. The beautifully elegant bottles house spine-tingling combinations of the world's finest raw materials and rare essential oils. Vodka On The Rocks, £245, quite literally evokes the scent of vodka cooled by ice.

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Writer and expert
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