Tutorial: Four Hairstyles For Spring

Instead of succumbing to the hair hibernation that’s induced by winter, we’re taking on the impending start of spring with a fresh new look.

Here are four pretty ways to update your locks, from a ponytail upgrade to braid detailing…

1. Spritz some texturising spray onto your locks to help the braid hold and pull all of your hair to one side of your head.
2. Twist along the base of the hair line, sweeping your hair from one side of your head to the other and secure with grips.
3. Split the remainder of your hair into two sections, then taking a small bit of hair from the back section bring it to the middle. Do the same on the other side and repeat until the hair is braided.
4. Spray your hair with Schwarzkopf got2b Instashine Hairspray, £3, to add a glossy finish.

1. Wash your hair with Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo, £13, the prep your locks with Schwarzkopf got2b Playful Styling Primer, £4.07.
2. Staring near your hairline, separate the front section of your hair into three strands as if you’re doing a French plait.
3. Now it’s time to start braiding. Cross the strand of hair closest to the top of your head over the middle section, then cross the bottom section of hair over so it’s now in the middle.
4. Repeat this process, but this time drop the middle strand down so it falls in line with the rest of your hair and to replace it, pick up a new section of hair from behind it.
5. Repeat these steps until the braid reaches the back of your head, then fasten in place with a kirby grip.


1. Sprinkle Schwarzkopf got2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder, £3, into your hand and apply to your roots to add volume.
2. Create a side parting, then take a small section of hair from the side and plait it into a French braid, gripping it in place.
3. Scrape you hair back into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Take a small bit of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to disguise it, securing with a hair grip.

1. Spray your hair with Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray, £3, to add grip. Split your hair into two even sections. Grab three bits of hair from the bottom of the first section and start plaiting around the hairline, working your way up towards your forehead.
2. Continue over your parting and start feeding in hair from the other half of your head. Continue until you reach the other side of your neck. Continue plaiting until you run out of hair, leaving an inch at the end, and secure with a small clear band.
3. Wrap the braid around your head so it follows a halo shape, then fasten in place with grips, tucking any extra hair into the plait to disguise the join.



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