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The Best Makeup Brushes Under £10

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Makeup brushes can make all the difference to your look, but you don’t (always) have to spend a fortune to get a makeup artists’ finish.

You can pick up high-quality makeup brushes that’ll get the best out of your makeup whether it’s a designer foundation of budget-buy contouring kit, and get change from a £10 note. Here’s our pick of the best...

Blusher brush

Bronzer is a wondrous thing, but without a pop of blush on the apples of the cheeks the overall finish can feel a bit flat. Real Techniques Blush Brush, £7.49, is the ideal shape and weight to achieve that ‘kissed’ blush finish that’s subtle, but instantly prettifying.

Large contour brush

Now here’s a brush you won’t lose! The Spectrum C02 Contour Queen Flat Top Contour Brush, £9, is the peacock of any makeup bag. ThIS 100% synthetic brush works well with liquids, creams and powders and the carefully cut shape lends itself to effortless buffing and blending.

Small contour brush

The contouring trend has had such an impact on the beauty world that brushes like the Revlon Contour Shadow Brush, £5.24, are being cut on an angle to make precision even easier. The relatively small brush allows you to blend your contour into the hollows of your cheeks for a natural, non-streaky finish - or use it to contour your eyes.

Oval brush

A recent addition to makeup brushes, the shape of Makeup Revolution Face Precision Oval Makeup Brush, £9.99, is a favourite for creating an airbrushed, buffed quality to bases. The larger-surface area of the brush means you can ‘polish’ creams, liquids and powders into skin with far greater ease.

Smudger brush

If you like a little extra bang for your beauty buck then a double-ended tool is just the thing. The No 7 Smudger Brush, £8, is the ideal brush for a smokey eye fanatic; the sponge-end is ideal for smudging kohl and liner into the lash line, while the short, flat brush gets the best of our your eyeshadows.

Stippling brush

Forget swatching colours on the back of your hand, the Lottie London Stippling Brush, £7.99, is specifically designed to be dipped into, or have product applied directly onto bristles. The trick with this brush is to buff and blend with small, circular movements if an airbrushed finish is your want.

Concealer brush

Every makeup bag needs a concealer brush that can efficiently create or be a key player in creating a flawless base. The Zoeva Concealer Buffer, £8.99, is short and flat making it ideal for patting in coverage, whether that means disguising dark circles or concealing blemishes.

Liner brush

With so many years working on shoots, videos and backstage, makeup artist Daniel Sandler knows exactly what brushes we all need. His Liner/Blemish Brush, £8.50, is a tapered brush that allows precision whether you’re covering blemishes or creating a freehand line of jet black along your lash line.

Powder brush

In the art of makeup, ‘blend is your friend’. In the same way Coco Chanel said to remove the last accessory you put on before you leave the house, it’s wise to buff as your last step. EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush, £9.99, is super soft, 100% cruelty-free and works in your liquid and cream bases as well as it sets powders.

Eyeshadow blending brush

Created by the charity Look Good Feel Better the Angled Blending Brush, £6.99, is a must for achieving a defined crease, which makes it a great addition to your kit if you’re trying to create a smokey eye.

Writer and expert
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