The Most Googled Beauty Qs Of 2016, Answered

Clips, videos, tutorials, step-by-steps – there are millions of them on the internet, namely because some of our best-loved beauty trends need a little more explanation.

If a fishtail braid was really that easy we’d be able to knock one up with our eyes closed, and if eyebrow shaping was as simple as plucking a few stray hairs here and there then we wouldn’t have been left with a barely there line circa age 13.

So without further ado, we have the answers to the most Googled beauty questions of 2016, for your most stylish year yet…

How to do a fishtail braid
The fishtail braid looks as though it should be easy, right?! You just use four sections instead of the standard three… Well, try that and you just may tie yourself in knots. Seeing really is believing, and learning, with this trend so try this helpful video for a ‘No Mirror Needed’ guide to how to fishtail like a pro.

How to make your hair grow faster
The key to hair growth is keeping hair healthy and protected. If you’re scorching the ends with heated tools, you might be fraying them and if you aren’t nourishing your roots your lengths might not be getting the head start they need. Luckily, this four-step guide gives you all the tools you need to get your hair in tip-top condition for tresses that’ll really grow.

How to shape your eyebrows
The trick with brows is to see the bigger picture. By that, we mean take a look at your brows as a part of your face, not just as an individual element. The key here is understanding the brow shape that’s best suited to your face shape – what looks great on your friend, might look conspicuous on you. Luckily there’s no better guide than our Face Framers, that gives you a brow-perfect step-by-step.

How to remove gel nails
Gel nails are wonderful things; they are more durable than wait-dry polishes, never go dull and can last up to two weeks. However, the only downside is the removal… Pick, peel or pull and you risk removing a layer of your actual nail. The key is to soak off the gel so that it lifts away from the nail without taking any of your nail with it. Head to a salon and they’ll do this as part of your treatment, but if you love a DIY manicure then it’s easy to do at home with a few easy tools.

To create gel removing wrap at home, cut cotton wool pads into quarters, soak in nail varnish remover, place over the nail and secure in place with foil. Wait 15-20 minutes (acetone formulas work faster than non-acetone) and then check whether the gel will lift away without any tension. If it’s still bonded, give it 5-10 more minutes. Lightly and very gently buff the nail and either start your next DIY mani or give your nails a day of strengthening polish to keep them healthy.

How to clean makeup brushes
It is, perhaps, the only downside to makeup, but cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a crucial part of your regime. Let your sponges, brushes and blenders fester and you could be applying a dose of spot-inducing bacteria to your skin. Follow our guide on how to clean your makeup brushes – we demonstrate that it’s actually quicker and easier than you may think.

How to curl your hair
While straighteners have been making sleek, silky hair well within our grasp for years now, perfecting a curl has taken us slightly longer. You know how flat irons changed the straightening game? It’s the same case for curling tools. They’ve evolved and now you can curl you locks in pretty much any way you choose. Beach waves, pin curls, tousled waves – whatever you’re after, all you need is the right tool and a little practise. Here’s our guide to the best curling appliances around.


How to apply concealer
A dab under the eyes, a little around the nose and a smidge on the chin, if you need it. If that’s how you’re applying concealer, then get ready to have your mind blow. A few artistic flourishes and you could go from concealing to enhancing. Just follow this simple, but effective, guide on how to apply concealer.most-googled-beauty-questions-2016-how-to-apply-concealer

How to fill in your eyebrows
For years, brows were fairly unloved: you either plucked them into some sort of shape, or you didn’t. In recent years, though, they’ve become a key feature and gels, powders, liquids and pencils are cropping up to help you ‘fill’ in brows for a subtle, but effective, statement. But how do you use them? Thankfully, this video tutorial on how to fill in your eyebrows has all the answers.

What is balayage?
As hair trends go, nothing has ‘stuck’ quite as much as the skill of balayage (the art of painting hair with dye for a more natural looking effect). The French word ‘balayage’ means to paint or to sweep and the technique arose at around the same time as the ‘dip dye,’ but has last well beyond it’s less subtle style cousin.most-googled-beauty-questions-2016-what-is-balayageThe effect? Natural looking colour that could have been as easily achieved on the back of a yacht in the south of France, as in a colourist’s chair. But what makes it doubly brilliant is that, unlike other dye jobs, the regrowth is barely noticeable, so as it grows out it actually continues to look natural. So if you’re a terror for leaving long stretches between your salon visits, then it’s an ideal solution.

How to get rid of under eye bags
You want the skin under your eyes to be hydrated, luminous and clear, right? Which means bags, dark circles and puffiness need to disappear. While it isn’t possible to get rid of under eye bags, you can still look after the eye area to prevent puffiness and this list of the best under eye creams will work a treat. Then, to conceal any darkness turn to concealers – they’re a saving grace.




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