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Perfume Picks- Tips and Tricks!

Perfume Picks- Tips and Tricks!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer1 year ago
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You may have noticed this September we are encouraging you to embrace your  ‘Golden Hour’ and help you achieve that everlasting glow.   We want your inner glow to match your outer glow - not only with your makeup and skincare routine but with your signature scent! What does your inner glow feel like? Smell like? Keep scrolling to find out what scent is best for you, and everything you need to know about wearing and looking after your next fragrance.


How To Choose The Best Scent For Me?

When shopping for your perfect scent ask yourself the following questions glossies...   Do you have a collection already? Are there any common themes, smells?   Are you following trends or choosing scents you actually want?   Does the scent match your personality?   How does the scent make you feel? - this is the important one glossies. Let's dive deeper...

Once you spray perfume onto your skin you will immediately be hit with what we call the top notes - the initial scent. After a few moments, the scent will sit on your skin and the body of the perfume will show itself off - the heart notes. Then after an hour or so, once the perfume has settled on your skin the base notes will come through - this is the scent you will smell throughout the day and will last the longest on your skin.

So when shopping for your fragrance - always take a look at what the base notes are - as these are the most powerful and the scent you will smell of all day.

Do you want to feel sexy, girly, cute, powerful, and regal? Decide on this, choose your base notes and buy your new favourite fragrance.


How To Match My Mood To My Fragrance?

The most in-demand fragrance families you can choose from are...  

Woody/Citrus Notes- wear when you are wanting to feel powerful, intense, and serious - maybe you need a confidence boost for an interview. Wear your mood glossies.

Floral Notes- wear when you are needing a mood boost, you want to feel calm, happy, and at peace.Aromatherapy is real glossies and floral notes hit the spot and a good scent can change your mood/anxiety for the better.

Aromatic/Oriental Notes- wear when you are wanting to feel sexy, romantic, and empowered. These notes often exude luxury, decadence- so wear with your best dress and lipstick and slay the day!

Fresh/Aquatic Notes- wear when you want to feel lighter, brighter, and positive. You know the feeling of stepping onto the beach, breathing in the sea air and hearing the waves. These notes can give you the same feeling - trust me glossies.  



Where Should I Apply Perfume?

Now glossies, you want to apply perfume to the points on your body where it'll last the longest. We call them your pulsepoints, where your body radiates heat which will diffuse your fragrance. So next time you apply perfume, spray it onto your...

  • Inner Elbow
  • Behind your ear lobes
  • Back of your knees
  • Wrists

My Top Tip Glossies - when applying perfume to your wrists, spray each wrist separately. Don't spritz one and rub the other wrist together. This can cause friction and heat and change the scent for the worse. You need to allow the fragrance to mix with your skin and it's oils. So next time - spray your skin and leave it to work it's magic.


How Can I Make Perfume Last Longer?

Spraying perfume onto dry skin isn't the best idea. It will just evaporate quickly and not last. Think of your makeup routine. You wouldn't apply foundation before primer. Think this way with a moisturiser and your perfume.

Apply an unscented moisturiser to your skin and then spritzyourscent. Your fragrance will grasp onto the moisturiser and last alot longer. Top Tip - to allow your fragrance to last even longer, apply your moisturiser and perfume straight after your shower - while your body is warm and your pores are open - your perfume will absorb alot easier into the skin and stay much longer throughout your day!



Does Perfume Have An Expiry Date?

There isn't an exact date of expiry for fragrance. A good bottle can last anywhere between one to three years. However, your actions can affect this. To make your bottle of perfume last, make sure you store your fragrances in a cool, dryplace and out of direct sunlight, as heat can breakdown the formula and make it lose it's potency.

You'll know if your scent has expired if it's a different colour to when you brought it or doesn't smell the same as it used to.


Our Three Favourite Scents for this SeptemberThe Longest Staying Power Perfume- MUGLER Alien Eau de Parfum Natural Spray Refillable - 30ml

An intensely woody, powerful scent. Full of desire and feminity. This mystical scent represents the fierceness of a woman and is sexy, sensual yet elegant and classy.  On first spritz you are hit with a hypnotising Sambac Jasmine, with musky Cashmeran Wood being the heart note and once settled on the skin, a passionate White Amber will radiate throughout the day. Glossies - no need for a top up, this scent is long lasting.  The regal purple and gold bottle is a luxurious addition to any dressing table.


The All-Time Classic Perfume- Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette 30ml

 An all time classic floralyet luxurious scent. This wonderful scent transports you to a meadow full of flowers and fruit trees on a summers day. I dare you to wear it and not smile all day!   Once applied you will first smell a yummy and crisp, Wild Berry and White Violet combo, with a decadent Jasmine being the heart note and after a while a rich Sandalwood will make it's way through.   The fun, gorgeous floral bottle - captures the saying - wear your heart on your sleeve.


The New Fragrance We Love- Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum 30ml

The newest member of the Prada Fragrance family. This new scent celebrates being unique, being yourself and embracing the best parts of you, even the parts you may not love. This scent is THE scent to wear to show off your 'Golden Hour'.   This fragrance is a mix of Floral, Oriental and Ambernotes to create a fresh yet intense, warm yet light fragrance that makes you feel top of the world!   Prada have done a re-up on their iconic triangle logo to house this individual fragrance. Perfect for a handbag or a dressing table. The pink fragrance contrasts perfectly with the black logo -  mirroring both sides of every woman. Girly and cute yet independent and in control.


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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!