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From Magnets To Rubber, Meet The New Face Masks On The Block

Writer and expert7 years ago
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At times it feels as though the beauty industry is evolving faster than an Olympian sprinting over the finish line - particularly when it comes to skincare. There are new textures and innovations popping up on a weekly basis, each one threatening to topple the last. We've come from slathering pots of greasy cold cream across our complexions to lightly patting on a serum/oil hybrid that uses technology from Nasa to make sure it raises the bar as far as your skin is concerned.

Face masks in particular seem to have risen in popularity over recent years, so it was only a matter of time before a plethora of new formulas appeared on the shelves. Where once we had a choice between a mud or cream mask, there are now a whole host of different textures to choose from and the latest drop make the process of applying them (and taking them off, for that matter) even more fun.

Here are three that have our attention at the moment and why...


Are magnets the secret to glowing skin? While they've been used throughout history to promote healing, it's only a recent development that luxury skincare brands have introduced magnetic face masks to their beauty lineup. The formulas contain metal particles that are removed from you skin using a magnet, leaving a soothing, hydrating layer of goodness in its path. They claim to reduce signs of ageing and leave you with a fresh faced glow - our favourite being Lancer's Younger Revealing Mask Intense, £210. It may be a bit costly, but the benefits make it worth saving for.


Hailing from Korea, rubber masks are the latest craze to hit British shores and we can totally see why. The clever powder formula turns into a paste when it's mixed with water, which you then spread across your face (avoiding the eye area). Once it's dry, it turns into a rubbery layer that can be peeled off. Bliss's Mask-a-'Peel', £20, is a vitamin C enriched powder that will leave your skin looking totally revitalised.

Mix your own

Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of beauty mixology? Inspired by the benefits of four different teas, Origins RitualiTea face masks, £30, each offering up different benefits. Whether you opt for Matcha Madness to restore your skin texture or Feeling Rosy which will comfort and soften, you simple mix a little powder with water so it forms a paste and apply it to your complexion.

Writer and expert
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