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Lancaster: The Sun Cream With The Best Protection

Lancaster: The Sun Cream With The Best Protection
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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Based on the French Riviera in Monaco, Lancaster was originally developed for Princess Grace of Monaco. If it's fit for a princess, then it's fit for our Glossies!

The Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Fluid Milk SPF15, £24, is unbelievable. It smells gorgeous and is the only sun cream to 100% protect you against the sun's rays. It is most definitely my go-to sun product.

Not only that, but Lancaster has recently launched with our friends Lookfantastic, so you can spend your GLOSSYCredits on replenishing!

Is your sun cream really protecting you?

You can't get a sun cream better than this. It's the only sun cream that protects against 100% of the sun rays. We all look for sun creams with a 5* UVA and UVB rating, but did you know that most sun creams aren't protecting you against Visible Light + Infrared too? 

Lancaster sun creams are the only creams on the market with Full Light Technology which 100% targets all of the sun rays (UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared).

Why do I need more protection?

Sunlight is responsible for 80% of the appearance of visible signs of ageing, but traditional sunscreens only protect against UV rays, which represent just 10% of sun-spectrum rays. The remaining 90% is made up of visible light and infrared.

Did you know that infrared light can disrupt the structural proteins within your skin, inflame cells and cause premature skin ageing? What's more, visible light has been found to cause indirect DNA damage,free radical production and in turn cause problems like pigmentation! 

Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Fluid Milk

This silky sun cream in this month's box not only helps to maintain your skin's firmness and elasticity, but it also contains tan activating ingredients that help you to build a gradual golden tan. It does all this while providing you with 100% sun ray protection...voilà! This range in particular is recommended for those with skin that burns minimally and tans gradually.

What I love most about this sun cream is that after application, it doesn't feel greasy or sticky and it sinks straight in.

Lancaster After-Sun

I love the quality of Lancaster products so I was dying to try their Tan Maximiser Soothing Moisturiser After Sun too. You can apply this to your face and body after sun exposure to calm, soothe and hydrate your skin.

It's also formulated with a Tan Activator Complex that's developed for extended release of natural melanin to enhance and extend your tan for up to 4 weeks!

This also isn't greasy, it soaks straight in and reduces the risk of peeling! What's also great is that it gives a luminous glow to your skin - it's a must-have in my suitcase before jetting off.

The Lancaster Sun Sensitive Range

Because I have very sensitive skin, I was also excited to hear about Lancaster's Sun Sensitive rangethat contains fewer ingredients than their other creams, to cater for those who often suffer from allergies and irritation. They even have a Invisible Compact Face Cream with SPF 50 that's easy to apply on the go! There really is a range to suit all skin types.

I also love the face compact because it mattifies your skin, rather than it feeling oily and looking shiny!

Protect your skin

Remember to protect your skin while you're in the sun and moisturise afterwards to keep your skin youthful, glowing and protected. Everyone’s skin is different, so please make sure you use the appropriate SPF for your skin type.

I hope you enjoyed your introduction to the amazing Lancaster range and if you want to re-stock, keep an eye on your emails for our exclusive subscriber discount on Lookfantastic.

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Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls
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