Are You Applying Perfume Correctly?

A couple of sprays on the wrist and you’re good to go? Spray it into the air and walk into the ‘cloud’? If this sounds like you, chances are you’re applying perfume all wrong.

You see, there is actually a right and a wrong way to apply your favourite scent – particularly if you want it to last longer than a mere five minutes.

Here are some mistakes you might be making and how you can raise your fragrance game (we’ve demonstrated with one of our all-time favourite fragrances, Jeanne Arthes L’Eau de Rose)…

Dab don’t rub

When you spritz on your favourite scent, do you follow up by rubbing your wrists together? If the answer is yes, then stop and gently dab them together instead. You see, the rubbing motion ‘breaks up’ the notes of the scent – particularly the lighter top ones.

You’re applying it to the wrong places

If you’re roughly spraying perfume around your chest and walking into it, be a bit pickier. The pulse points around your body are warmer, so applying to these areas will help to speed up the evolution of the scent. In other words, you’ll smell the heart and base of the fragrance quicker. So, next time you apply your favourite fragrance try spritzing it behind your ears, wrists, the nape of your neck and inside elbows – you could even apply it to the inside of your knees too!

Prep is key

According to fragrance pros, moisturiser provides a base for your fragrance to latch on to. So, next time you jump out the shower and have dried off, moisturise your body and then spray on your fragrance of choice. Alternatively, applying vaseline to your pule points also works wonders!

The hairbrush trick

Our hair is a great carrier of smells, but due to perfume containing alcohol, if you spray it directly onto your locks it’ll cause them to dry out. Instead, simply spray your fragrance onto a hair brush before running it through your glossy strands. 

Where are you keeping your fragrances?

Make sure you store them in a cool, dry place – out of any direct sunlight/away from heat. Exposure to heat and bright light can alter the smell and also affect certain ingredients like essential oils. Searching for the best place? While you may want them displayed on your dressing table, the fridge or a cabinet will help them to last a lot longer.

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