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Five Hair, Body & Beauty Oils You Need In Your Life…

Writer and expert8 years ago
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Oils have come a long way and while their predecessors may have been thick, messy and far from beautifying, the new formula oils are a brilliant delivery system for skin-loving ingredients.

There’s also nothing like the ‘glow’ an oil can give skin. Look on any red carpet and those exposed arms, legs and décolleté will have been given a layer of oil to look extra healthy in front of the camera.

If you’re talking high-performance, can’t-live-without-them oils, these are the five you might want to add to your beauty cupboard...

Body You may not think shimmer has a place in your daily regime, but this is less about sparkle and more about adding a lustre to skin. If you don’t have time to tan, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Oil for Hair and Body, £19, gives a soft, supple and healthy lustre to legs that won’t transfer onto clothes. Plus, the oil nourishes skin to prevent it looking ashy and dull.

Face Use a face oil like Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Face Oil, £34, every day or as a ‘when your skin really needs it’ addition to your night time regime when your complexion feels a bit out-of-whack. It’s full of delicious skin-loving ingredients such as orange, mint and vanilla to replenish and nourish, while also balancing sebum production - a great choice if you’re prone to the occasional breakout. What's more, it's full of essential fatty acids and omegas that will help make skin more resilient.

Hair Greasy hair is a beauty no-no, but Moroccan Oil Treatment, £13.45, won’t leave your locks looking like an oil slick. You can use this oil in so many ways, all of which will make your hair look beautiful. Use a tiny amount on dry hair to beat frizz, use on towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner, leave on overnight for an intense treatment or use between washes to soften dry ends.

Nails In the winter months it’s wise to have a hand cream with you at all times because cold, dry hands aren’t a good look on anyone. Nails can sometimes get forgotten but CND Solar Oil, £11.95, not only nourishes the nail, it does something magical to cuticles that eradicates those flakey, bitten-looking fingertips. Rub a drop into a dull-looking manicure and it'll leave your paint job looking fresh and new.

Muscles If you’re in spin class at 7am, always beat your 10,000 FitBit goal, or are found in the weights room a few times a week then a muscle oil will soothe the ache of DOMS. Kniepp Joint and Muscle Arnica Massage Oil, £10.95, warms and softens into skin to make it look nourished while fast-tracking its way into your sore bits to cuddle away any aches and pains.

Writer and expert
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