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Extreme Beauty Testing: The ‘No-Kink’ Hair Tie

Writer and expert8 years ago
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With hundreds of thousands of beauty products out there - and more launching by the minute - it can be hard to know which to go for, and more importantly, which will actually work.

So each month, we're going to test a product to the extreme to see if it really, truly does what it says on the tin. A lipstick that promises to last 12 hours? We'll be putting it to the test. A new dark circle-reducing eye cream? Yep, we'll be putting that through its paces too.

First up, we're turning our attention to the plethora of 'no-kink' hair bobbles that have hit the shelves over the past few years, the most recent of which is from Hair On. The clever spiral design of these hair ties mean they'll never leave a kink in your locks - whatever the style!  What’s more, the smooth finish means it won’t rub against the surface of your hair, so it won’t cause any damage!

So to test it out, our Social Media Assistant Emma spent a day wearing a normal hair tie and a few days later repeated exactly the same activities wearing her Hair On Zero Crease Hair Tie - and trust us, she really put both through their paces. We're talking a heavy work out in the gym (sweat and all), countless meetings, lots of Tweeting and to top it all off a late night dinner party.

Kink-free locks? Here's how her hair looked at the start and end of both days...

Normal hair tie

As expected, after 10 hours of wear, Emma's hair was left with a big kink...

Hair On Zero Crease Hair Tie

As soon as the hair tie was removed, Emma's locks looked as straight and kink-free as before she'd tied it up.

The verdict: If you're the type of person who wants to quickly tie your hair out of your face at work, on holiday or in the midst of a crowd at your favourite festival, but would like the option of letting it down later in the day, then Hair On Zero Crease Hair Tie is most definitely for you.

Writer and expert
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