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A Healthy Twist On Unhealthy Lunch Favourites

Writer and expert8 years ago
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Now, if you’re anything like us you’ll be planning and stressing about every element of summer even if it is only March. ‘How will I keep my hair looking perfect - and more importantly clean - for 5 whole days at Glastonbury? How can will I take all my in-flight essential beauty products in such a tiny bag? How am I going to get beach ready when all I can think about are Easter eggs which are everywhere?’ Well, thankfully our friends over at Feast Kitchen are here to help with the latter!

Feast Kitchen is a delectable new app which promises to deliver beautiful, gourmet dishes straight to your kitchen (and not with the help of Deliveroo…) Think a Pinterest board of delicious recipes all created by world-class chefs that you can access anywhere and everywhere. And what’s more, they’ve reinvented some of our all-time favourite dishes into healthy alternatives...

Sweet Potato Pizza

If you’ve had a lockdown on pizza then it’s time to get in the kitchen and cook up a feast. Yes, this Sweet Potato Pizza may include maple syrup and mascarpone, but we feel the kale and sweet potato totally make up for it. Everything in moderation after all.Get the recipe

Beef Steak Sandwiches

Their Beef Steak Sandwiches even allow you to create a healthy burger with beef. Well, beef tomatoes. It’s surprisingly filling and oh so tasty.Get the recipe

Spelt Pancakes

If we’re going to break our healthy spell, the time we’re most likely to give in to temptation is at Sunday brunch. Thankfully, Feast Kitchen have got a healthy twist on our favourites with their Spelt Pancakes.Get the recipe

Writer and expert
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