Five Of The Best Beauty Books You Need To Read Now

The best way to brush up on your skin, hair and makeup knowledge? Beauty books. Each and every pretty page is jam-packed with tips, tricks and invaluable knowledge from the very best in the business. Not only will they help you become a black-belted beauty ninja – but they’re utterly beautiful to look at too.

Add these little delights to your coffee table pronto. You won’t regret it…

Art & Makeup by Lan Nguyen-Grealisbest-beauty-books-Art-and-makeup
Quite possibly one of the most beautiful books we have ever set eyes on – we only wish it was bigger! Showcasing the true art behind makeup pro Lan Nguyen-Grealis’ masterful and striking creations, it perfectly combines a how-to guide and a portfolio of beauty inspiration in one vibrant hardback. Drawing inspiration from a total range of creatives, from pop art painters to TV characters, the selection of over 200 images will most certainly wet your beauty appetite.
£19.04 at Amazon

Easy on the Eyes by Lisa Potter-Dixon
Easy on the eyes by name, easy on the eyes by nature. This beautiful book by Benefit’s head makeup and trend artist Lisa Potter-Dixon will give you the low down on all things eyes, starting with the very basics. The book takes you through an array of looks from elegant to fun and everything in between –  she even shows you how to create the perfect brows to frame those peepers. This is the perfect book to help you make the most of your eyes.
£14.24 at Waterstones

The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force
Fleur de Force, one of the world’s top beauty bloggers, shares her all her top tips, secrets, cheats and discoveries on a variety of her favourite topics – hair, makeup and health to name but a few. And after six years of vlogging, she sure knows her stuff.
£8 at Amazon

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge
Makeup extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge has written and visually conveyed the history of one of the oldest social practices and a subject close to her heart (and ours) – beauty. Face Paint explores the impact makeup has on women’s lives, the reasons behind its use and how products have changed through the ages – alongside a look at what the future could hold. What’s more, you can discover how some of your favourite icons achieved some of their most talked about looks. Enjoy!
£18.99 at Waterstones

Haircuts of Hackney by Daniel Frostbest-beauty-books-haircuts-of-hackney
The coffee table book of all East London coffee table books. It folds out to reveal a visual encyclopedia of 35 trendy haircuts you’ll probably find in Hackney and surrounding areas, from the ‘Man Bun’ to the ‘Queensbridge Quiff’. Folding out in a concertina style, each and every quirky painted illustration by local artist Daniel Frost is based on an iconic style he’s spotted out about about. So, if you fancy a little inspiration courtesy of Hackney’s most coveted heads, grab a copy!
£12.95 at Hoxton Mini Press



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