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We Tried It: Poundworld’s £1 Makeup Collection

Writer and expert9 years ago
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A full makeup look for just a few gold ones, you say? There is one thing that cannot be denied about the aisles of Poundworld: some absolute bargains can be found. But then again, you can also end up getting carried away and lugging home more cotton pads than you could ever possibly use in your lifetime.

When we got wind of the store bringing out its first make-up range Miss London (which is manufactured in Britain, FYI), our ears instantly pricked. Sure, we can't deny that our slightly beauty-pretentious minds initially approached the collection with a little trepidation - but with over 50,000 customers snapping up the cut-price cosmetics in the trial weekend alone, we had to see what the fuss was all about. And we weren't disappointed.

Designed with real women and current trends in mind, you can get your hands on just about anything you could wish for, from over 55 different shades of nail polish to 21 lipstick hues.

The GLOSSYBOX team put a few stand out products to the test...

Amy-Lee, Brand and Marketing Campaign Manager  Tried: Blusher, Lipstick in Bright Red and Lengthening Mascara

"For me, the secret to a good mascara lies in the shape of the wand. Poundworld's Lengthening Mascara is shaped a bit like Givenchy's Noir Couture Mascara, with three balls next to one another. The clever shape means it coats each and every lash in its jet black formula - even the small ones! The blusher is quite a girly pink, but offers the perfect dash of healthy colour that'll suit everyone. The hue of the red lipstick is amazing - it's highly pigmented and slicks on easily, but I'd suggest applying a balm underneath as it's a bit drying."


Jo, Customer Care Manager Tried: Fine Liquid Eyeliner, Bronzer and Eyeshadow in 5

"The eyeshadow had a luminescent golden hint to it, so instead of simply applying it to my lids I used it to highlight and subtly contour - which worked perfectly alongside the sheeny bronzer (both of which I would definitely use again). The nib of the liquid eyeliner was quite hard and not very flexible but the formula most certainly has staying power - it lasted all day (and night) long. In fact, it proved quite hard to remove."


Christelle, Online Marketing Executive Tried: Pencil Eyeliner, Nail Polish in Nude, Lipstick in Bright Red

"This pencil eyeliner is AMAZING. It slicks on smoothly and is super easy to smudge or blend in. As a nail technician, I've made my way through a fair few polishes - the vast array of colours available from Poundworld is incredible - they basically have every colour you could possibly imagine.  I agree with Amy when it comes to the lipstick, it wasn't overly long-lasting but the colour was vibrant and for that alone, I'd use it again. "


The verdict? While we may not be trading in our entire makeup bag for Poundworld cosmetics, we were (on a whole) very impressed and there are definitely a few products (the mascara and bronzer for starters) that we would buy time and time again. Poundworld, you've won us over.

Writer and expert
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