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We Put The MUJI Skincare Range Put To The Test

We Put The MUJI Skincare Range Put To The Test
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Without a doubt, MUJIhas a very special place in the hearts of minimalistic storage and stationary-obsessives far and wide. However, it’s definitely not the first place we’d turn to when seeking out new skincare lotions and potions. Until the launch of MUJI skincare that is...

You see, a few months back MUJI relaunched its skincare line, and the simple yet functional nature of the products immediately caught our attention.

MUJI Relaunches Its Skincare Line

Designed to give your skin an extra boost in nourishment by adding moisture and preventing dehydration, all the formulas are water-based and infused with natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid. In turn, they ensure your complexion is in tip-top condition to help produce collagen and repair damage.

So we swapped out our usual cleansers, toners and face masks in favour of putting MUJI's to the test for a bit - and we didn't expect them to work as well as they did!

The Best MUJI Skincare Has To Offer

  • MUJI Cleanser

I'm usually one for a gel cleanser, but this milky formula may have converted me. Packed with natural extracts, it removed all my makeup within a few swipes of a cotton pad and left my complexion feeling smooth, refreshed and super soft.

Buy the Cleansing Milk for £8.95 from their MUJI skincare website.

  • MUJI Toner

The recent change in weather has left my skin a little on the dry side, but after using this toner for a few days it was back to its usual self. While I'm not usually one for toning in my daily regime, if I suffer from a parched complexion again, I'll definitely be digging this little bottle out - it works hydrating wonders.

Buy the MUJI Light Toning Water Light for £6.95 from their website.

  • MUJI Sheet Masks

I popped one of these thin cotton sheet masks on to my face post-cleanse and woke up glowing.

The MUJI skincare range also includes sheet masks that are doused in a hard-hitting formula to hydrate and soothe both dry and ageing skin. It's a quick, easy and mess-free way to give your complexion a boost in moisture once or twice a week. They're definitely going in my hand luggage to save my skin post-flight this summer.

Buy the MUJI Ageing Care Sheet Mask for £12.95 for 5 from their website.

  • MUJI Moisturiser

By combining calming chamomile and rose with hyaluronic acid, this MUJI skincare wonder should be worn under your daily moisturiser for an extra boost in hydration.

The watery, gel-like consistency is ideal if you suffer from oily skin.

Buy the All In One Essence Gel for £12.95 from their website.

Those are our four favourite MUJI skincare products. For more beauty tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog.

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