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Our number one hair growth secret…

Our number one hair growth secret…
Grace Walker
Writer and expert11 months ago
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It’s May and it’s time to talk all about our hair! The theme this month is ‘City Glow’ so we thought we would talk about the biggest trend going around on TikTok…. Yes, you guessed right! Rosemary Oil! It’s fair to say that TikTok and Instagram have certainly hyped up this product but what actually is it and how can it help our hair grow?

First things first, let’s go back to the basics and find out what Rosemary Oil is. Rosemary Oil is the oil that’s extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant, which is native to the Mediterranean. It is a culinary and healing herb where it has been used in as food and medicine for centuries.

How can Rosemary Oil benefit our hair?

1. Improves hair growth

The rosemary plant contains carnosic acid which has the ability to heal nerve endings and rejuvenate nerves in the scalp too, in turn, restoring hair growth. In addition to this, it can also increase blood circulation which is so important to hair growth because without a proper blood supply, the follicles can die off if they don’t get enough nutrients!

2. Soothes scalp

If you have an itchy scalp, Rosemary Oil may be able to help because it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Prevents dandruff

Anyone suffered with really bad dandruff before? Maybe try Rosemary oil! It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which may help prevent dandruff and help keep follicles clear.

There’s so much you can do with Rosemary Oil, so let’s take a look at some of the options:
  • You can massage it into your scalp using your fingertips and let it soak into your hair, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse out.
  • Another way to use rosemary oil is by mixing it into your current haircare products such as your shampoo and conditioner or even mixing it with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.
  • The final way you can use it is by buying readymade products that already contain Rosemary Oil – that way you don’t have to dilute it or mix it, it’s simple yet effective.
So, we know what Rosemary Oil is and we know how we can use it, so it’s time to shop some products so you can try it out!
Grace Walker
Writer and expert
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As someone who is skincare obsessed, it’s no secret that I have a huge passion for glowing skin! Over the years I have written many blog posts which specialise in skincare, so I have plenty of top tips to share to help you on your own skincare journey. I am always trying out new products and finding new discoveries that I can add to my collection. My go-to skincare product right now is definitely a hydrating face mask; they’re perfect for that instant hydration boost before you continue with your beauty routine!