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Make a radiant comeback with our April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit!  

Make a radiant comeback with our April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit!  
Charlotte Berry
Writer and expert1 year ago
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As nature makes its radiant comeback, our April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit is here to uplift your beauty routines with inspiration and let your beauty consciousness grow. The well-rounded product selection inside our special-design April box will brighten up your spring and will allow you to blossom into something beautiful.  We can’t wait for you to receive this month’s box, filled with five new products, to celebrate the new season in style! 

April Edit  

This month, give a breath of fresh air to your beauty regimes with the sneak peek products from Brushworks and Christophe Robin. We can’t wait for you to open the lid on this perfect duo...  

About Brushworks 

Brushworks – the pinnacle of the latest tools in beauty! Their diverse portfolio, offering products across various beauty categories, provides innovation, quality and efficiency. Brushworks will soon become a staple brand in your beauty routine, and you won’t look back!  

Brushworks - Scalp Massager  

Glossies, this product is an absolute game changer when stepping up your scalp care! This Scalp Massager features thin bristles, which when rubbed in circular motions on your head, will stimulate blood flow, remove any product build up and will provide the deepest cleanse. Scan the QR Code inside your box to find out more...  

About Christophe Robin  

Looking for professional haircare with high-quality formulations? Christophe Robin offers it all from colour treatments, to luxurious hair masks, and haircare routines. This brand will let your scalp bloom and will deliver lasting benefits to all hair types.  

Christophe Robin - Cleansing Purifying Scrub  

Leave your locks looking fresh and shiny with Christophe Robin's Cleansing Purifying Scrub. The exfoliating and soothing properties contained will refresh and calm your scalp and remove daily build up. The perfect recipe for a quick detox once a week - pair with the Brushworks Scalp Massager for the ultimate pamper! 

 What Else Is Inside Our April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit 

The wait begins until the 12th of April, when we finally reveal the full lineup for our April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit.   

Become a Subscriber 

Left excited by our two sneak peek products and don’t want to miss out? Become a subscriber to receive your April ‘Bloom and Grow’ Edit today! 

Receiving a GLOSSYBOX is the best part; yet the many other benefits are also a bonus! You can earn glossy credits for you to spend on the LOOKFANTASTIC site, and discounts and priority access to our Limited Edition boxes.   

Charlotte Berry
Writer and expert
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My beauty routine all depends on my schedule. During the week, I opt for a radiant bronzed aesthetic, complemented by naturally fluffy brows and a subtle, glossy lip. When the weekend arrives, in true Glossy style, I love a more glamourous vibe with long lashes and dark defined lips. A bronzer and long-lasting lip liner are never far from reach...