My Daily Grind: Yasmine & Shirin, Founders of The Good Life Eatery

It’s time to harness the goodness of greens with a little inspiration from the advocates of a healthy, clean lifestyle, The Good Life Eatery. Founders Yasmine and Shirin set up this revolutionary healthy eating haven three years ago to encourage people to eat better – and that they did! Serving up everything from cold pressed juices to a healthy take on mouth watering waffles, they are dedicated to bringing goodness into your life 24/7. Who can argue with that?

They share the importance of balance, both professionally and nutritionally…

Running The Good Life Eatery must be quite time consuming, how do you balance everything?
Yasmine: I’m a Libra so I naturally tend to keep it balanced!I schedule my life to a T on my calendar, so I have a visual idea of how much work time and how much home time I have in the week. I’m lucky to have my mum living very close by, so this very much keeps me grounded – if I look extra tired she’s the first to tell me! Also, having something to look forward to is extremely important!

Shirin: I’m a planner, I put everything in my diary which really helps to schedule in some me-time, but it’s been crazy trying to keep my life balanced this year as my wedding is coming up in June and planning a wedding is a job in itself! I also make time for exercise in the evenings at least 4 times a week and every fortnight I do a dinner with all my girlfriends which is so much fun, we talk about the most mindless things, which is actually really stress relieving!

Any advice you’d give to your younger self?
Y: If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. Don’t let the time it takes to get there demotivate you. Dream big baby!
S: Always stay curious!

What would you say your 3 biggest achievements are?
Y: Maintaining a healthy social life, even though I work 7 days a week. Having a beautiful relationship with my staff and colleagues. Being there for my friends and family.
S: Having built true respect and trust with my business partner and starting a business in a city which I barely knew. Being lucky enough to meet a wonderful man, who I am marrying this year. Maintaining a really beautiful relationship with my parents and family.

If you hadn’t ended up doing your current job, what would you be doing?
Y: I’d be a musician, I played concert piano up until university.
S: I would definitely still be working in food – but probably more on the product development side.

When you’re adding to The Good Life Eatery Team, what qualities do you look for?
Y: Happy and positive is key!
S: Enthusiasm and drive.

What advice would you give someone wanting to match your success?
Y: Just keep on trucking! There will be highs and lows, and trust me the last year has really tested me on the lows, but you can’t let it get to you down and you can’t take it personally. Accept it as a lesson and just KEEP GOING.
S: Never ever let go or give up! It is amazing what our bodies will allow us to do if we push them. There is no secret to success. Hard work really pays off!

What mistake do you often see people making when they’re climbing the career ladder?
Y: Second-guessing yourself – don’t do it!
S: Build a solid foundation first! Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Do you have a saying that you swear by?
Y: Balance – which leads to everything in moderation!
S: I have to say the same… Balance is key!

Who is the woman that inspires/has inspired you the most?
Y: My mother is top of the list!
S: My mother is truly one of the most amazing people I know. She exudes such a positive energy around anyone she meets and I hope to emulate the same one day.

What makes you feel empowered?
Y: Being independent!
S: Having had the courage to be an entrepreneur.

You’d be lost without…?
Y: My mum, my bed, my friends, my boyfriend and my IPhone – I know, it’s tragic.
S: My parents, Gregory my fiancé, my trainers and of course my kitchen.



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