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Our Final Horoscope Of The Series: Virgo it’s your month!

Our Final Horoscope Of The Series: Virgo it’s your month!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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Another new month has arrived glossies, which means it's time for the next and last instalment of our heavenly zodiac series! We’re one last time taking a look into what’s happening this month for you, the best beauty buys and other fascinating findsyou need to hear along the way!    As it’s August it’s finally time for Virgo Glossies to be front and centre! But, as always glossies, all other 11 signs, get a special mention too, as we say goodbye to summer and hello to Autumn. Keep scrolling to see your horoscope and the best beauty buys for your star sign too!  


You Virgo's are classy yet sensual creatures - and there is only one way to show off these personality traits glossies! With a classic, sexy red lip of course! Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Lipstick is a super pigmented, soft lippie in rich and bold shades. Red Velvet and Rustic are my favourite rouge shades. This liquid lip glides easily onto your lips leaving your pout matte (but not dry) and supple thanks to the French Vanilla ingredient. 


Kindness is your best trait. Don't just be kind to others but be kind to yourself and your skin! This month try the very popular Rimmel Kind and Free Skin Tint Moisturising Foundation. Designed to give you a smooth base with a dewy finish! This lightweight, skin tint comes in a range of shades - perfect for all our glossies and is kind to your skin by providing heaps of moisture to your complexion - thanks to the VitaminE and AloeVera!Blurring the look of imperfections this sheer, buildable tint is perfect for a no makeup, makeup day or the start of a full face! Not only kind to your skin but also to the environment - it's formulated with 77% natural ingredients.


Virgo's you're known for being super artistic and this month unleash your inner artist by splurging on Morphe X Pony Constellation Sky Artistry Palette. A dreamy, cosmic eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Pony Park - a South Korean Youtuber, Influencer and MUA! This dreamy artistry palette - made up of pastels, mattes, shimmers and glitters -  can be used on your eyelids and cheekbones to add dimension, sparkleand glam to any makeup look! Look out for my fave shadeEuphoria - a cute and dreamy celestial blue silk slip topper.


What's Coming Up This Month for Virgo's

Love  Virgos, you're known for being observant. This comes in very handy in your relationships. Whether you've been in a relationship a week, a month, 5 years even, or you're single going on dates - your observant eye will make someone very happy this month. (For me - it's seeing what someone orders at a restaurant and recreating their fave meal at home for date night).


Hardworking is your middle name Virgo's and this month your hard work will finally of paid off. Whether it was the promotion you were after, the project you've been eyeing up or the praise you've been craving - recognition incoming!

Recreation  Virgo's you are sometimes known for being set in your ways. So this month, get out of your comfort zone and do something that you'll look back on in a few weeks and think "did I actually do that?" Even better the memories you'll hold on this day will be one of your favourites for the whole year!  

Wellbeing  Virgos are known as the most reliable in the Zodiac - which means a lot of people confide in you. Remember to look after yourself too Virgos. It can be a lot to have the burden of others' troubles, so this month make sure you open up to your confidant or find one and put your wellbeing first too!


Earth Signs

Taurus   Autumn's just right around the corner! The weather's changing and our skin has to keep up. So remember to plan in your self-care evenings, switch up your skincare routine and prepare yourself for an amazing Autumn!

Capricorn   You used to LOVE reading but this year has been your busiest in a while! As autumn is incoming go to your local bookshop and pick up a new read! Take some time off your device and fall into a new world! A few pages in you'll remember why you love reading so much!

Earth signs, get your self-care on this month with our Exfoliating Clay Scrub. Our rice exfoliator is one of my faves! Relax on an evening, apply this as a mask and achieve super soft, radiant skin! Our exfoliating Glossy pink Cornish clay scrub deeply cleanses pores and buffs away dead skin cells. Suitable for all glossies, lactic and glycolic acids restore radiance and energise your complexion.

How to use as a mask: Apply a smooth layer onto your face and leave on for 10 minutes. After, rinse with lukewarm water.   So Earth signs, grab a book or listen to a podcast and take some time out and put yourself first!


Water Signs


It's Autumn soon glossies! So it's time to prep your Autumn 2022 Lookbook! Change up your style this year! Why not? Usually wear skirts? Why not try trousers? Usually wear flats? Go for a new block heel! Whatever you decide on, you know your OOTD's this Autumn will be chic, new and fresh!

Scorpio   Just because it's Autumn, doesn't mean holiday season is over! Book a weekend away in the UK. We have so much to offer! Book a train trip somewhere and remember our homeland has so many sights and activities on our doorstep that sometimes, we don't need to go flying to have a good time!

Cancer   You've recently been really into your sustainable beauty and this Autumn you want to completely blitz your collection! You're starting to understand how the beauty world can impact the environment and how you can make a small positive impact. By Winter you'll be an expert!

Water signs, we know you love to keep up with the latest trends, whether that's in fashion, makeup or even skincare! Of course one of the timeless trends in skincare is Micellar Water! Keep up with the trend and treat yourself to our GLOSSYBOX Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser. Micelles are magical as they cleanse away dirt and excess oils from pores – so the perfect ingredient for a cleanser! Suitable for every glossy! Our light gel gently purifies, nourishes and softens skin after every use. Working with blueberry seed oil and cactus stem extract to nourish, hydrate, soothe and moisturise.


Fire Signs

Leo Autumn is incoming glossies! It's time to change up your makeup look to match the season! Warm tones are not usually your go-to colour palette but over the next few weeks you're going to be drawn to reds and oranges. Embrace it and embrace the new you this Autumn!  

Aries   You've been on the go this summer glossies but as autumn is coming, plan some you-time. A day, an evening, a weekend where you check in with yourself - have a pamper session, go shopping by yourself or have a journalingsesh! Whatever it is, enjoy it!Recharge your batteries and don't keep trying to burn the candle at both ends.

Sagittarius   Sagi's you've been spending far too much money this month on eating out. As autumn starts, change up your habits and learn to cook some new autumn inspired meals. You're appetite and bank balance will thank you later! 

Fire signs, we know you always have to have the best (of everything!) This month, get your hands on our GLOSSYBOX 3-in-1 Moisturiser. One of our best selling products! This lightweight yet intense moisturiser perfectly primes, plumps and protects. Thanks to hyaluronic acid (our fave ingredient ever!) this hydrates, while tsubaki oil works to moisturise skin and red seaweed keeps that moisture locked in. Thank us later Fire Signs!


Air Signs

Libra   After the excitement of summer, sometimes Autumn can be a letdown and you can get the summer blues. Not this year Glossies! Start planning in some fun Autumn activities - whether that be with family, friends or even work colleagues. Memories aren't just made in summer but all year round!

Aquarius   This Autumn you're craving newness! Can't decide what to change? Try a different route to work, buy a new brand of food you've not tried before. Read a genre of fiction or make a new friend! You'll love it!

Gemini   Gemini, you've been in your Nostalgia feels and this Autumn you'll be watching your old favourite movies, contacting your old school friends and living your childhood dreams all over again. Throwback Thursday anyone?

Air signs, you've finally learnt that you need at least 8 hours of beauty sleep, but enhance the experience with our GLOSSYBOX Night Serum. Enjoy a deeply nourishing and brighteningovernight serum! Persian silk tree extract helps to reduce visible signs of fatigue while blueberry oil leaves your skin feeling super hydrated.   How to use: Apply onto cleansed, slightly damp skin massaging a pea-sized amount onto your face in circular motions.    So go to bed on time Air Signs and wake up to an illuminated complexion with overnight brightness!


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Sophie Page
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!