Best Beauty Finds For Your Next Holiday Under £5!


Glossies! Holiday’s are back baby!

Now it may have been a while since you last jetted off, so to help you out (you know we always have your back glossies) – we have curated the perfect holiday beauty guide  for you, so you can have piece of mind you’ve packed your makeup and skincare necessities!

Even better glossies – all our holiday beauty finds are £5 and under! 


Holiday Finds Under £5

Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-Hydrating Sun Cream SPF 30

Of course, a holiday beauty list wouldn’t be complete without an SPF! Protecting your skin from sun damage and UVA/UVB rays should always be your top priority!

The Garnier SPF is infused with Vitamin E – so your skin will feel hydrated throughout the day, with no risk of sun exposure drying your body. I love that this SPF leaves your skin feeling smooth (no greasy residue!) With quick absorption and a handbag friendly sized bottle, you can take it with you for your throughout the day top ups!

TOP TIP– Remember glossies, if you’ve been in the sea or pool, remember to re-apply your lotion throughout the day, experts say every 2-3 hours.

Benton Aloe Soothing 11848324Mask

After a long day in the sun, this facemask will feel like a breath of fresh air! Aloe vera is well known for it’s cooling, nourishing and soothing qualities – everything you need after a day in the sun, especially if you’ve got sunburn.

On application, a burst of cooling moisture takes over. Leave the mask on for twenty minutes to really let the essence work it’s magic. You’ll feel revitalised, calm and your complexion will be satisfyingly smooth.

TOP TIP – Once you remove the mask, you will have essence left on your face. Use your favourite face tool – a rose quartz roller or a gua sha for examples – to extend your self-care routine and give yourself a relaxing and rewarding face massage.

Sun Bum Original SPF30 Lip Balm

When it comes to SPF, a lot of us concentrate on our body and face but forget that our lips also need protection. When you pack your bag for your next trip – make sure your remember this SPF 30 lip balm. 

Sun Bum has created a smoothing balm that delivers protection from UVA/UVB while providing long-lasting moisture thanks to the vitamin E ingredient. 

Available in four nourishing and yummy flavours (yes their flavoured lip balms!) My two favourites are Coconut and Watermelon.

TOP TIP – Wearing a matte lipstick? Add this lip balm all over the top of your lips to avoid dryness. 

Garnier Micellar Water Oil Infused Facial Cleanser

You may have a late night on holiday but please glossies, don’t go to bed with your makeup on (like ever!) Garnier have created this ver easy to use, no-rinse formula, removes all makeup and leaves your complexion feeling renewed!

Perfect for all skin types (even for you sensitive glossies) and thanks to the micellar water – all dirt and makeup disappears yet doesn’t remove moisture. In one swipe, your face will feel refreshed and clean! 

TOP TIP – Glossies, remember to always double cleanse! Makeup can sit in pores and fine lines, so cleanse your face twice to ensure everything is gone.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream

It’s no secret, CeraVe is in my top three skincare brands (after our own GLOSSYBOX Skincare Range of course!) This moisturising, rich cream provides a burst of hydration in times of need, like after a day in the sun, pool and ocean.

Don’t worry glossies, this gentle lotion works for every skin type and at 50ml, you can take in your carry on luggage too! Hyaluronic Acid takes centre stage here to protect your skin barrier as well as quenching your complexion for up to 24 hours.

TOP TIP – This moisturiser helps aid uncomfortable, itchy patches, so apply to sunburn or an insect bite (after bite cream of course!)

brushworks HD Back Comb Brush

This pin tail hair brush is perfect for your holidays as it can be used in many different ways. This handy tool is perfect for; sectioning your hair, back combing, taming fly aways, styling a slicked back look and smoothing split ends.

The brush is made up of three rows of strong, nylon bristles that will let you get full control of your hair and give ultimate grip.

Noughty To The Rescue Conditioner Travel Size

Glossies, I know how precious the room is in your suitcase, so on the products you can afford to size down – do it! This is exactly what you can do with this travel size conditioner. A perfect size to last you for your one or two week getaway.

After a day at the beach in the salty sea water, a good conditioning is what your hair will need! Designed with almond extract and olive oil to replenish moisture and soften your locks, this conditioner needs to make it’s way into your beauty bag. The added exotic coconut oil and creamy shea butter works together to leave your strands fully hydrated with a shiny finish.

invisibobble Volumiser Crystal Clear

Any glossy will know that bobbles, hair ties (you know we all have our own word for them) are a necessity in life! For any time of the day and for any activity – especially for a vacay!

This waterproof, durable bobble gives you the grip you need for the adventurous portion of your holiday – then the volume you need for a perky ponytail for your night look. So you can dance all night and your pony will stay in place. What’s better, it sits in your hair with comfort so no ‘ponytail headache’.

What I love about the invisibobble is even after wearing it all day, your hair will have no kinks or trace that you was ever wearing a bobble! Crystal clear is the perfect option too as it will blend in with your hair colour – to go with any outfit you chose!

Makeup Revolution Passion Purse Spray

We all know the rules when it comes to carry on luggage. 100ml or under for any liquids – with that in mind glossies, I have found the perfect purse spray to pack. So, if your needing a ‘pick me up’ spritz during your journey, then pack this travel friendly perfume!

warm and spicy scent to take you from day to night. Notes of earthy woods, sweet patchouli and sensual amber, hit your sense on your first application and a long-lasting yummy chocolate scent lingers too! 

TOP TIP – To make perfume last longer, apply your favourite body lotion to your wrists, neck and anywhere else you like to perfume. This allows your body to lock in the perfume and last longer. You wouldn’t apply makeup without a primer – so think of this as the same.

Barry M Cosmetics Fresh Face Perfecting Concealer

When you’re on holiday you don’t want a heavy, cakey concealer in the warm weather. Glossies, I have found you the loveliest lightweight concealer to wear. To be worn day to night, this long-lasting concealer covers blemishes, dark circles (so don’t worry about those late nights) and can also be used with a darker shade to your skin to contour – you know we love a multi use product, especially when it means more room in your makeup bag!

Infused with our favourite skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which means on application the concealer also hydrates – perfect if your skin feels tight or dry after being in the sun all day.

TOP TIP – Use your fingers (make sure to wash your hands first) to blend out your concealer for optimum results. This is because your body heat from your fingers will blend out the concealer better than any brush or beauty sponge could do. Use your ring finger to apply as this will apply the least amount of pressure – so you’re protecting your delicate eye area. 

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette – Marvellous Mattes

This makeup palette under £5 is the perfect palette to take on your next holiday! With every colour you can imagine – you can create endless monochromatic or colourful looks for any occasion. Using the sext reds to royal purples and sunrise oranges to flirt pinks – whether you’re attending a music festival or a lunch by the beach – this fifteen shade palette is made for everyone!

Note that it’s a surprise from Revolution but every shade is pigmented AF! Once applied they leave a matte finish which means they last all day and night!

TOP TIP – Use an eyeshadow primer to make the pigments pop! Don’t have a primer? No worries! Spray setting spray onto your brush before application – this works just the same.

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