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January Beauty Horoscope: What’s To Come For In 2022 For Your Star Sign?

January Beauty Horoscope: What’s To Come For In 2022 For Your Star Sign?
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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It’s the first month of 2022 and our first New Year edition of our beauty horoscope series! There’s no hanging around. We’re diving straight into what your upcoming weeks will look like - and, as always, your beauty needs and any other New Year revelations along the way too… As it’s January, it’s time for Aquarius Glossies to have their moment. Of course, all 11 other star signs are featured, so keep scrolling to see your horoscope and the best beauty finds for your sign this month!


As an Aquarius, we know you’re more than comfortable in your own company. And when spending time alone, there’s nothing better than indulging yourself in a little R&R.

So, next time you do, grab yourself a Holika Holika Pure Essence Damask Rose Mask Sheet. Working in under 20 minutes, this highly-absorbent, ultra-fine mask expertly contours itself to your face, infusing your skin with powerful ingredients for visible results - we can’t think of anything more relaxing!

Out of all the zodiacs, Aquarius are the most spontaneous! Therefore, on your next unplanned adventure, bring with you theSalcura Bioskin Hand Sanitiser. Yes, yes, you can just grab any old sanitiser off the shelves these days. However, this one is elite. Why? Well not only does it leave hands fresh and clean, but it’s also boosted with lavender and tea tree - so no dry hands after multiple uses!

Another thing we know about Aquarius is they love a surprise. And what’s more of a beauty surprise than one of our Limited Edition edits? The GLOSSYBOX x heat Winter Limited Edition is the treat you’ve been waiting for. A beauty box packed full of goodies, it's perfect for this colder time of year. Worth £125, it can also be yours for only £35! A beauty bargain!

The Aquarius Beauty Look Book

What’s To Come This Month For Aquarius Glossies?


‘New Year, New Me’. Yes, you've heard it before. But for you Aquarius, you mean it! No more fleeting relationships or friends with benefits this year. This year is the year for much deeper connections. Don't be scared, just go for it! You'll see how much more fulfilling it is for you. 


This month you have already seen a shift in your workplace. Different opportunities, room to grow - go smash it Aquarius! Change is sometimes scary but the payoff is not! Embrace the positive energies around you and start making a name for yourself! 


You know those books you brought in lockdown? That you read one chapter and gave up? This year, do something different! Take up reading again… Your imagination needs it. You love escapism and transporting yourself to another world for half an hour or so. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. Join a book club, start a blog on your favourite books or even connect with other readers online.


Last year you were a typical Aquarius. Putting others and their feelings way before your own. Your kind nature will never leave you but, in 2022, your self-care journey will finally be at the helm. You'll realise that to be able to help others, you need to take care of yourself too. So, take that day off, go for a walk outside, read a book - self-care is self-love.

Other Air Signs This January


This year might already feel like it's been a lifetime already, thanks to how full on it's been. But 2022 is nothing you can't handle! You'll take on a project in your personal life this month… At first, you’ll want to put it off, but don't! This is what you need to feel fulfilled and to make you happy. 


This year you've already found yourself falling into the same bad habits as last year. So, this is your reminder to start afresh! It's okay, January is a trial run for the year anyway. It's not too late to start again. Don't take on everything alone - you have family, friends and work colleagues that can support you! Trust those around, communicate effectively and you'll realise there was no need to be so stressed in the first place.

For our on the go Air Signs this month, you need to try the JASON Soothing 84% Aloe Vera Hand & Body Lotion. Why? Well, it has plenty of benefits… It’s infused with herbal extracts and vitamins A, C & E, and is hydrating thanks to aloe vera leaf gel. It also soothes and has UV protection!


Earth Signs This January and Beyond


This month you'll start the year as you mean to go on. By learning something new! You've put it off for a couple of years, used excuses like you're ‘too busy’ but not in 2022! So keep going, you'll enjoy it and you'll feel empowered. 


Last year you always kept your emotions inside. You didn't notice it but it made you so unhappy. Not this year! It's time to put yourself first and speak up. If you don't want to do something, that's okay. Say it. If you don't like the way someone at work spoke to you, gently pull them to the side and have a chat. Expressing your emotions is important.


No more negative vibes! You may be feeling down in the dumps in your home life recently. Whether it’s you not feeling the feng shui of a room, or someone you live with creating a negative atmosphere, see if you can change it! Rearrange the furniture, organise a game night with those at home and casually talk about how the atmosphere is… Whatever it is, you'll thank me later.

Change is coming for Earth Signs and we think bringing that change to your makeup bag  too is a fab idea. So why not start the year with new makeup brushes! Our favourites right now? Real Techniques Everyday Essentials.Catering for your face, cheeks and eyes, this essential kit will allow you to cover, colour and blend with ease. All with synthetic bristles, this set is made up of five must-haves. The 400 Blush Brush, the 300 Deluxe Crease Brush, the 402 Setting Brush, the 200 Expert Face Brush and, of course, Real Techniques’ Miracle Complexion Sponge®.


What’s Happening for Water Signs This January?


This month you're going to start the year with a bang... Maybe by booking a holiday! You put it off last year but you need something to look forward to, even if it's months and months away. It may not be the destination you expected but, once it's booked, you can't wait! The countdown is on and the do list starts. 


You know a close friend has had a hard first few weeks of 2022. So, go ahead and surprise them! No stress, just fun. Maybe you'll plan activities or go out for a nice meal. Whatever it is, your friend will be forever grateful. 


If you ever get the opportunity to go on a work trip, go for it! You may be hesitant at first when the incredible chance arises, but here's your reminder to put your name down! Get out of your comfort zone and travel! You won't regret it.

For our travelling water signs, your perfect companion is the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. An easy to apply foundation with SPF, it's perfect for travelling wherever you may be off to. But why do we love it? This range comes in a wide variety of shades, gives 24-hour moisture, has a streak-free finish that glows in natural light and it helps minimise the appearance of imperfections, pores and dark circles. What more could you want?


What’s In Store For Fire Signs This Month?


Started a 2022 bucket list? If no 'not yet', here's your reminder to do so! You want an exciting, adventurous year, so start this month by ticking off your first couple of things! Here's to the most fun year! 


You've always stuck to the same colour palette with your makeup, fashion, and even nails! This month though, we want you to change it up! It may be a slow transition until you're comfortable, but you'll enjoy expressing yourself in a different way so much!


When the invite arrives for an evening out later this month, go for it! At first, you immediately think it seems like a lot, but you're new mantra of trying new things this year comes back to mind, and you say yes! Turns out Less, it'll be just the night out you need!

Fire signs, this January, express yourself with bold red nails! And our favourite polish for this job...? The Mavala Madrid Nail PolishWhy's it our go-to? It's fast-drying and long-lasting, it's chip-resistant and its unique formula delivers microscopic air pockets to allow your nails to breathe too. It's an all-around winner!

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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!