Finished Bridgerton? These Are The Period Dramas You Should Watch Next… 


Binge watching Bridgerton was exactly what we needed post-Christmas. A period drama filled with secrets, scandal and sex was perfect for helping us to forget about the real world – and instead lose ourselves into the lives of the eight Bridgerton siblings. 

Most importantly eldest daughter Daphne, as she embarks upon finding herself an eligible husband in the form of Duke SimonJust in case you haven’t watched it yet, there’ll be no spoilers here Glossies. But come on, if you haven’t, why not?! 

Whilst Bridgerton has announced that it’ll definitely be back with a second season – maybe even seven more in rumours are true! – we’re going to all need something to fill the period romance void this series has left behind.

Six Period Dramas To Watch Whilst You Wait For Bridgerton Season 2

Whilst we wait for more from Daphne and the Duke, from Lady Whistledown and the whole Bridgerton clan, here are six other period dramas to escape into the world of. 

War & Peace 

A BBC adaptation of a classic novel – this time it’s Tolstoy’s epic tale of conflict, love, free will and faith. Beautifully acted and beautifully shot, follow the adventures of the Rostovs, Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys and Kuraginsas they love, hate and fight during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in the 19th century. 

Watch: Amazon Prime

Pride & Prejudice 

Without a doubt, this novel is what kickstarted our romantic daydreams and made millions of us Jane Austen obsessives. A 1995 BBC adaptation features an all-star cast – get ready to swoon over a young Colin Firth as Mr Darcy – and a whole ton of romance and drama.  

Watch on: Netflix

Death Comes to Pemberley 

While this three-part series won’t take you long to get through, it’s a must if you’re dying to know what happened to Elizabeth and Darcy post Pride and Prejudice. Six years later, preparing for their annual ball, find out what happens when festivities are brought to an abrupt halt. 

Watch: Amazon Prime

The Collection 

Set in a post-war Paris fashion house, this gripping family drama exposes the grit behind the glamour of a rising business, ran by two rival brothers. Whilst the company and its staff have survived one war, others are fast approaching. Romance pits family against family, protégés against mentors, and the past against the future. 

Watch: Amazon Prime

The Miniaturist

Enjoy watching  Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit? Then you’ll love her in The Miniaturist. Watch as she plays a young woman who’s moves to 17th century Amsterdam and hires a mysterious local miniaturist to furnish the dollhouse she received from her merchant husband. Seems straight forward so far, yes? Well what about when the lifelike miniatures somehow start eerily foreshadowing her fate?

Watch: Amazon Prime

The English Game 

Been trying to get your boyfriend/husband to cosy up with a period drama with you, but he’s just not interested? This one might just work. Combining the ups and downs of 19th century England and its class systems with the beloved game of football, this is sure to be a drama everyone will enjoy. 

Watch: Netflix

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