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Glossies Asked, Huda Answered: Q&A with Huda Beauty Founder Huda Kattan

Glossies Asked, Huda Answered: Q&A with Huda Beauty Founder Huda Kattan
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor3 years ago
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A few weeks back, we asked you Glossies what questions you were dying to ask makeup mogul Huda Kattan... and you delivered. 

We put some of our favourite questions from you to the makeup artist and extraordinary business woman behind Huda Beauty, and here’s what she said... 

GLOSSYBOX Q&A With Huda Kattan  

What are your top tips for contouring? 

Firstly, I LOVE contouring and playing with my face shape. I’ve been contouring as long as I can remember and I contour everywhere - from my complexion to my lips! 

For the forehead I like to work the product into the hairline (watch those baby hairs!)You also always want to make sure that you blend underneath the jawline as sometimes you cannot see product under there! When contouring under your cheekbones, you should start from the outside where your cheekbone meets your hairline and then come into the hollows of your cheek. For a more dramatic look you can bring the line in further towards your nose. 

If it’s your first time contouringuse a small amount and go for a lighter shade! You can always layer it to achieve your desired look. Play with what you like and don’t like – and just have fun! 

Which Huda palette is good for MUA beginners? 

Huda Beauty’s The New Nude Eyeshadow palette is the ultimate all in one palette to experiment with. It has everything you need to transform your lids, from soft berry to dusty copper, and rosy pink to golden taupe tones. It’s so wearable and versatile and you can create so many looks from romantic to smoky, flirty to natural and effortless – the list goes on! 

What made you start Huda Beauty and what were your goals? 

While I was working as a make-up artist, I always struggled to find the right false lashes for my clients – at the time there was barely any choice for different designs and lengths! So, I started adapting false lashes and making them my own unique design, customised to certain eye shapes and sizes. 

I would cut into them, making them more chunky, dramatic, fluffier – and my clients really wanted to purchase the lashes and know where they could buy them! It was then I realised that there really was a huge gap in the market, and my sisters pushed me to start my own lash line with Huda Beauty. Creating my own lashes and designs became a business as well as a passion! I live and breathe beauty, and ever since I knew what makeup was, I LOVED it! When I understood how powerful makeup was and how it could alter your feelings and confidence, I wanted to share that power with the world – that was my goal. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I take inspiration from EVERYWHERE - whether it’s while I’m travelling, fashion trends, my daughter, or from our social community – so many different places! I found Korea so inspiring - when I travel that’s when I feel my creative juices flowing, and I’m inspired by so many different things. We then create products that we know our consumers (and us) will love and it’s all driven by emotion, dedication, love and A LOT of passion! 

Which is your favourite Huda Beauty palette? 

We just recently launched our HAZE Obsessions eyeshadow palettes, and I’m OBSESSED with the KHAKI Obsessions. It’s a nine-well palette, so it is great to use on the go and fit into your purse. I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with dusky, soft glam looks as well as sexy smoky eyes, and getting dressed up for date night with my husband wearing this palette. 

What are the biggest lessons that 2020 has taught you in both life and business? 

To really take time out for myself and to really just enjoy life - lockdown helped me to do that. I was always going at a million miles an hour and literally never stopped. My cup was not full and I was unable to give my most, so recently I took some time out on social media, spent time with my family, took bubble baths, organised my new house, enjoyed lots of afternoon tea and took some time to be ‘Hoodie’ again (my nickname!). Sometimes it’s easy to get so wrapped up with working, meetings, late night calls, shooting and I didn’t have that balance in life. Don’t get me wrong love to work hard, but I’ve definitely taken a step back and realised the need for a healthy balance. I’m a better and more patient person for it! 

What is your most memorable/favourite HUDA lipstick shade? 

Definitely ‘Trendsetter’ – I love the name and the shade is my go-to, always! I only need to apply the lip contour once for the whole day and it literally does not budge! 

How do you recommend starting your own MU/Skincare brand? 

If make up or skincare is your passion, then pour your heart and soul into starting your own line. Research constantly, go online, to the library, to factories, try as many other brands and products as you can. Literally live and breathe beauty and gain all the insights you need before setting up your brand. And then be patient!

Sometimes this is so challenging. When you have a great idea, you want everyone to love it to right away! The best piece of advice my mum gave me for my career was to be very patient. I have always been inspired by Oprah, and my mum once said to me, remember the challenges that Oprah went through, everything takes time, you must be patient. And she is so right! Creating your own brand takes A LOT of dedication, time and investment but the joy of having your own brand is SO fulfilling.

What are your key makeup products? 

Definitely our Legit Lashes mascara – so much passion went into creating this, and I finally have a mascara that makes me feel as sexy as I do with my false lashes! I also cannot go anywhere without a brow pencil. I recently shaved half my eyebrow off to create a lifted more youthful brow shapelove the new look, but I do rely on my brow pencil even more now! We also recently launched Silk Balm Lip Treatment, which I apply as soon as I wake up! This product has really transformed my lips, and I have become OBSESSED with lip treatments, so this is my ultimate lip conditioner and my lips have never been softer, more hydrated and smoother. 

What is your holy grail product that you'd recommend to everyone? 

Our Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub– it is LIFE CHANGING! I tried so many DIY hacks and became obsessed with the soothing properties of pineapple enzymeswhich is the main ingredient in Yo Glow. The scrub is very gentle, even with sensitive skin, and brightens your skin straight away. It’s my go-to product every day, and has made me feel so confident to go make up free! I’m really enjoying my new skin confidence and want everyone else to have that same love for their skin.

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Emily Cotton
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I'm someone who loves getting glammed up, but I feel like I never have enough time. Frequently running between work, the gym and seeing friends means my makeup routine is quick and often touched up on the go. Therefore, beauty products that serve as multi-purpose are perfect for me - a blush that works for cheeks and lips is a must in my makeup bag!