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Limited Edition

Generation GLOSSYBOX: Elegant Touch And Eylure

Generation GLOSSYBOX: Elegant Touch And Eylure
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Has your teen been begging you to get them the soon-to-be-released Generation GLOSSYBOX? I’m not surprised! Filled with the trendiest makeup, skincare and cosmetics out there, it includes ten beauty must-haves to satisfy their beauty needs. 

Whilst the first three products revealed were all about that shimmer and shine, the next two will teach them glam skills every beauty lover should know... 

Learning How To Achieve A Professional-Looking Manicure 

Elegant Touch’s InstaNails™ went down so well in our first edition (did you hear all the rave reviews?), that we just had to bring them back. That’s right! The Generation GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition features yet another fabulous set of InstaNails™ They'll receive either the luscious red Born Red'y or the gorgeous soft pink Girl Talk.

Salon-Worthy Nails In Two Minutes 

If you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, allow me to fill you in: these incredible stick-on nails allow even the newest of newbies to achieve a professional-looking finish in no time at all. There’s just so easy to apply!  

All your teen will need to do is:  

  • Sweep the prep wipe over their nail. 
  • Find the false nail that perfectly fits over the natural one (hold the false one over the nail to ensure that it covers the whole surface from the cuticle to the tip and from the left to the right side). 
  • Press the false nail onto the natural nail and hold it down for 10 seconds. 
  • Repeat for each finger, then admire the result! 

These nails are really fun and fashionableWhether they’ve tried them before or not, every budding beauty addict is going to love them! 

Learning How To Apply False Lashes 

Whether it’s for a party, a wedding or any special occasion, there comes a time when every beauty lover wants to flaunt beautiful lashes, so there’s no time like the present to learn how to apply them. That’s why this Limited Edition includes a pair of 003 Naturals preglued lashes by Eylure! 

Lashes For Beginners 

Yes, you did read that right! These lashes really are preglued, making them perfect for beginners. No need for messy glue, these fuss-free lashes can be applied effortlessly. Better yet, they stay put for up to 15 hours 

Here’s what to do: 

  • Carefully peel one strip of lashes from the casing. 
  • Hold it up along your lashline (but don’t press it down yet) and measure it against your lashes. Carefully cut off any excess with scissors. 
  • Then, line the lashes up with your lashline and carefully press the strip down. Hold it in place for 15 seconds.  
  • Repeat with the second strip. 
  • Finally, marry your false and natural lashes together with mascara.  
  • And voila! Gorgeous lashes, ready for an event! 

The best thing about these two products, though, is that when your budding beauty addict has perfected their skills, they’ll be able to apply your false nails and lashes for you! It’s a win-win, so make sure that you get your hands on one… 

How To Purchase The Box 

This Limited Edition will go on sale on Thursday, 3rd of September at 9am for subscribers and at 12pm-lunchtime that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £15 (+P&P) for subscribers and £22 (including P&P) for non-subscribers.  

If you aren’t a Glossy yet, you can sign up to our waiting list to receive updates on this Limited Edition and all our upcoming Limited Edition boxes. 

More Product Reveals To Come 

I’ll be unveiling the five other products nestled inside our Generation GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition on our blog and across our social channels soon. Keep an eye out for more product reveals!

In the meantime, why not catch up on the first three product reveals?

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