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Limited Edition

Limited Edition Easter Egg: Barry M And First Aid Beauty

Limited Edition Easter Egg: Barry M And First Aid Beauty
Writer and expert4 years ago
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There’s not long to go now before our Limited Edition Easter Egg returns! Filled with ten incredible products worth over £75, it not to be missed. I’ve already revealed six must-haves (and they are truly amazing) and now I’m so excited to announce that this Egg will also include a newly-launched product from Barry M and a radiance-boosting essential from First Aid Beauty

Barry M Cosmetics Scented Candy Culture Nail Paint

We love introducing you all to newly-released products! That’s why we’re so thrilled that our Limited Edition Easter Egg features the first-ever scented Nail Paints by Barry M!

That’s right! Part of the new Candy Culture range, these beautiful nail polishes not only have gorgeous pastel hues but they boast delicious fruity scents too.

I only needed to apply two coats for the lovely scent to come through. It lasted a good few days too!

Achieve A Professional-Looking Finish

Who says that you have to go to a manicurist to get professional-looking nails? All it takes is a good base, a high-quality polish and a little know-how…

  • Shape Your Nails: If necessary, clip or cut your nails to your desired length, then file then into your preferred shape. I like an almond one, but feel free to go round or square.
  • Buff And Treat Your Nails: You can then buff the tops and sides of your nails with a buffer to create a smooth surface. Next, gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle stick and apply a protective cuticle oil.
  • Prep Your Nails: Before applying your coloured polish, you should always apply a base coat. It will hydrate and protect your nails, whilst also prevents stains and chips. For this, I’d recommend using Barry M’s multipurpose All in One Nail Paint.
  • Paint Your Nails: This is when the fun begins! Apply one coat of your new Candy Culture Nail Paint by sweeping your brush all the way down to the cuticle and into the corners of your nail. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes, then apply a second coat.
  • Protect Your Manicure: All that is left to do now is apply a top coat to protect the colour and ensure that your nail polish stays put as long as possible.

If you like the sound of this nail paint, just you wait until you’ve read all about the eighth product nestled inside the Limited Edition Easter Egg…

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish

Believe me, this gentle exfoliating and brightening cleansing polish is the secret to clear, soft, and renewed skin!

Gentle yet effective, this scrub works just as well as products that are double the price.

First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Polish boasts a creamy formula that is gentle enough to use every day on even the driest and most sensitive skin. You see, it is formulated with natural, and biodegradable exfoliants that gently buff your skin and reveal a smoother, brighter, more even‐looking complexion.

Why It Works

If you read the review of this exfoliator, you’ll know that I’m not exaggerating! It really does what it claims to – and it’s all thanks to its natural formulation:

  • Shea Nut Shell Powder: These natural exfoliating particles gently scrub away dead cells on the surface of your skin to reveal the brighter skin underneath.
  • Willow Bark Extract: This plant extract encourages exfoliation and helps to make your skin even more smooth.
  • Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, this butter moisturises your skin and helps to protect its natural barrier.
  • Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea extracts: First Aid Beauty’s signature antioxidant booster, this unique blends helps to protect your skin from free radical damage and environmental aggressors.

How To Use The Facial Radiance Polish

For best results, simply follow the below routine once a day:

  • Dampen your face by splashing it with water or by blotting it with a damp cloth.
  • Dispense twenty pence-worth of polish onto your fingertips.
  • Massage it into your skin for up to a minute using gentle circular motions.
  • Rinse it off with warm water.
  • Pat your skin dry with a towel.
  • Continue with your usual skincare routine and apply toner, moisturiser and SPF.

Dull, dry skin? A bright and soft complexion, more like!

How To Purchase The Limited Edition Easter Egg

To receive these two products, as well as 8 other beauty must-haves, don’t miss out on our Limited Edition Easter Egg! It will go on sale Friday, 27th of March at 9am for subscribers and at 12pm that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £25 for subscribers and £30 for non-subscribers.

If you aren’t a Glossy yet, you can sign up to our waiting list to receive updates on this Limited Edition and all our upcoming Limited Edition boxes.

More Product Reveals To Come

I’ll be unveiling all the products that are nestled inside our Limited Edition Easter Egg on our blog and across our social channels all week long. The last two reveals are coming your way tomorrow. In the meantime though, you can catch up on the first three reveal articles:

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