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Why And How You Should Care For Your Lips

Why And How You Should Care For Your Lips
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I think we can all admit that if there’s one part of our skincare routine we tend to neglect, it’s our lips. Sure, we all carry around a lip balm that we apply as and when, but few of us think to really exfoliate, moisturise and smooth our pouts. That’s why I’ve created a guide to help you care for your lips the way they deserve.

Why Your Lips Need Looking After

First things first, why do you need to look after your lips? Well, have you ever wondered why our lips crack and chap? As it turns out, the skin on our lips is much thinner than on the rest of our body. On top of that, our lips also have fewer oil glands and don’t produce melanin (the pigment that protects your skin from UV rays) which means that they have little natural protection from the sun, cold, wind or dry air.

Moral of that story, take care of your lips Glossies. Here’s how…

How To Care For Your Lips

While using a lip balm every day (particularly if you like a matte lippy) and a lip scrub once a week are great ways of caring for your pout, if you suffer from dry or chapped lips, then a mask is the way to go. Luckily for you, your February ‘Love Crosses Borders’ GLOSSYBOX includes the DREAMKISS™ Plumping and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Lip Mask.

  • About Your Lips Mask

There are so many reasons to love this lip mask. The most important one, though, is that it is made with Bio-Cellulose, an innovative sheet mask technology which is being hailed by experts as the best in the industry. It is formulated with coconut juice, allowing the mask to stick comfortably to your lips and infuse them with nourishing ingredients.

I should also mention that each mask is soaked in 5ml of serum. As it is so concentrated, it is seriously effective at making your lips feel hydrated, soft and smooth, whilst also making them look visibly plumper.  It’s the ultimate treatment to care for your lips!

  • How To Use Your Lip Mask

Remove the mask from the packet and carefully unfold it. Then, peel away the protective outer layer and place the mask onto your lips, ensuring that there are no creases or air pockets. Leave it to work its magic for 15 minutes, then peel it off and pat the remaining serum into your lips.

Insider Tip: Before opening the packet, massage it gently to distribute the serum evenly into the mask.

Enhancing Your Cared-For Lips

Now that you’ve got a soft and smooth base to work off, you’re all set to apply your lip liner and lipstick. That’s where your Lip Liner Duo by Saint Luxe comes in!

Using your delicate pink lip liner:

  • Draw a cross at the top of your Cupid’s bow.
  • Apply your pencil along your top lip, working from the outer corner towards the centre.
  • Draw along your bottom lip, working from the centre towards the outer corners. Keep your lips closed when the pencil sits more towards the centre, then slowly open your mouth as you approach the corners of your mouth.
  • You can then fill in your lips with a lip gloss or lipstick.

Paired with your lip mask treatment,  you will achieve a smooth and sleek-looking finish!

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Writer and expert
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