Loved By Makeup Artists: CATRICE EYEconista Mascara

December marks the start of the festive season and with that comes endless parties that you need to get glammed up for. Fortunately, we’ve provided you with three standout makeup products this month. While you’ll all have received Steve Lauren’ts pigment powder and LASplash’s eyelashes, some of you will also have been treated to the CATRICE EYEconista Mascara.

Introducing The CATRICE EYEconista Mascara

While highlighter and shimmery eyeshadow may give you an iridescent glow, mascara really is your must-have beauty product this time of year. Trust me, you’re not going to want to leave the house without this one!

The CATRICE EYEconista Mascara features a small, semi-curved brush that allows you to reach even the shortest of lashes. I use the flat edge to catch my lashes, then gently twirl the brush along the curved edge as I comb it upwards through my lashes. I then repeat this process on my lower lashes, before using the tip to add definition. It really makes such a difference to your lashes!

CATRICE Keeps You On Trend…

Now I don’t doubt that you’ve heard of CATRICE and their sister brand essence before, but did you know that CATRICE have a dedicated scout team that travels the world in search of beauty inspiration? They visit the most influential fashion cities to discover the latest looks and trends. They then develop new colours and textures to update 25% of their products every six months.

CATRICE never misses a single trend, must-have or detail!

If you’re looking to discover the latest in beauty, CATRICE have definitely got you covered! Plus, all of their products are PETA-certified cruelty-free, while 80% of them are vegan and they only use sustainably-sourced palm oil. You can’t go wrong!

… And Is Loved By Makeup Artist

So, it’s no surprise really that, since their launch in 2004, CATRICE have earned themselves a loyal following from makeup artists around the globe. You’ll no doubt have seen CATRICE’s most iconic products (we’re talking their Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and, of course, their EYEconista Volume Mascara) featured in hundreds of makeup tutorials on Instagram. Just check out the hashtag #mycatrice for endless inspiration.

If you want to share your own makeup looks and designs with GLOSSYBOX and CATRICE, don’t forget to tag us both in your Instagram photos. We’d love to see them!

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