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Tomato-Based Beauty Products To Celebrate La Tomatina

Tomato-Based Beauty Products To Celebrate La Tomatina
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La Tomatina, aka the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’, takes places today (more info on that at the bottom). So, to celebrate this Spanish food festival, I’ve found the best tomato-based beauty products.

Your Full Skincare Routine Using Tomato-Based Beauty Products

  • Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing should always be the first step of your skincare routine. Luckily for you, Yes To have developed a tomato-based beauty product that cleanses, hydrates and moisturises all in one. That’s right! Their Tomatoes Micellar Cleanser Waterremoves makeup and impurities without irritating your skin.

Simply push a cotton pad or muslin cloth down on the pump (twice should do the trick), then gently sweep it across your face. You’ll be left with clean, soft and radiant skin!

I love how gentle this cleanser is! It cleanses and soothes my sensitive skin, making it feel refreshed.

  • Step 2: Tone

Before any of you ask, yes you should always tone after cleansing. When you wash your face, you strip away the natural oils in your skin. You’re then left with dry, irritated and blemish-prone skin. Toner essentially rebalances your oil levels and brings your skin back to its neutral pH level. This is what gives your skin its healthy glow.

tomato-based beauty products

If you’re on the hunt for a tomato-based toner, then you can beat Ella Baché’s Perfect Tomato Radiance Toner. It is formulated with extracts of Bio liquefied Tomato which brightens and strengthens your skin. Simply soak a cotton pad with toner, sweep it across your face, and you’ll have perfectly-balanced skin.

  • Step 3: Hydrate Using Tomato-Based Beauty Products

Tomato-based beauty products come in all shapes and sizes! This brightening ingredient is particularly popular in Korean beauty, though. Korean brand Nature Republic has developed a tomato-infused sheet mask.

tomato-based beauty products

Boasting a nourishing formula, it not only hydrates your skin but also gives it a radiant finish. Simply apply it onto cleansed and toned skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, then peel it off. You should then massage any remaining formula into your complexion.

  • Step 4: Repair

In the evening, I always prefer a facial oil over a night cream. Fortunately, there are lots of tomato-based beauty products that fit the bill! My most recent discovery? Haeckels' Tomato Seed Oil.

It’s a 100% natural, organic and vegan oil that is made with cold pressed tomato seeds. Its moisturising formula supports the regeneration of skin cells, helping your skin to repair itself.

It is also deeply hydrating and improves the elasticity of your skin. If you’re concerned about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this oil is what you need! Simply massage 2 or 3 drops into your cleansed, toned and hydrated skin and voilà, a smooth complexion!

Insider Tip: You can also use it as a lip balm or hair oil.

  • Step 5: Protect

Who knew you could buy a tomato-based SPF? Well, the Korean beauty brand Skinfood has created a sun cream using tomato extracts. It is filled with antioxidants and organic acids that shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You just need to massage the lightweight and milky formula into your face and neck 15 minutes before heading out.

This sun cream doesn’t just protect your skin from the sun, though. Its white formula also makes your skin look brighter, giving it a dewy finish. It’s the perfect final step for your skincare routine! You’ll have fresh-looking skin without having to wear any makeup.

About La Tomatina Food Festival

For those of you who haven’t heard of La Tomatina, it’s a food fight festival. It is held every year on the last Wednesday of August in the town of Buñol. Crowned the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’, it reportedly attracts 20 thousand people who throw 100 metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes at each other.

Though no one is exactly sure how this festival started in 1945, there are several theories. Some say it began as a food fight between friends, while others claim it started as an attack on councilmen. Either way, those who took part clearly enjoyed it. Throwing tomatoes is now a beloved tradition!

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