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How To Manicure Your Nails Like A Pro

How To Manicure Your Nails Like A Pro
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Do you love to manicure your nails? The ultimate pampering ‘me time’, it’s not only a relaxing activity, but it leaves you with gorgeous-looking nails. Plus, it’s so easy to achieve a professional-looking result! - or is it? 

Many of us like to think of ourselves as manicure experts, but it turns out that we're all committing major nail faux pas. So, with the help of Antonia Gogou, manicurist at Hari’s Notting Hill, we’ve created the ultimate guide so you can get it right every time. Here’s how to manicure your nails like a pro. 

How To Manicure Your Nails 

1. Soak Your Cuticles Before Cutting Them 

‘People often cut cuticles when they are dry, which is a massive no-no,’ says Antonia. “If cutting is required, it should always be done once the cuticle has been soaked and pushed back, and then trimmed, but only if absolutely necessary.’ 

If you're looking to soak your nails before you start your manicure, why not give Oh! K's Lemon Cuticle Finger Mask a try? Drenched with lemon oil, it infuses your cuticles with vitamin E to soften them and leave them looking brighter and more hydrated. It’s the easiest way to prep your nails for trimming!  

2. Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Remover 

Manicure Your Nails

‘Cleaning the nail bed with an acetone-based polish remover before painting on the colour should definitely be avoided. Acetone can dehydrate nails and can cause your colour to chip and your nails to flake.’ 

Instead of using your usual nail polish remover, opt for OPI Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover. Formulated with soothing and rejuvenating Aloe vera, it effectively removes all traces of nail polish without drying out your cuticles. Instead, it leaves nails clean and colour-free.

3. Don’t Buff Too Hard

‘Buffing the nail a little is great for smoothing out ridges and getting a smoother canvas for your varnish. Don’t use a buffer that’s scratchy or harsh as this can cause real damage. Instead find a buffing tool that has a soft grain and don’t overdo it.’ 

When it comes to professional-quality buffer that won’t damage your nails, you can’t beat the Elegant Touch Professional Buffer. Designed with a super fine grit, it is the perfect tool with which to smooth ridges and reduce imperfections. You can use the logo side to gently buff your nails and the other side to nourish them.

4. Always Use A Base Coat

Manicure Your Nails

It’s no surprise that Antonia advises to, ‘Always use a base coat!’ Why, though? ‘Not using it will cause discolouring of the nails, dry-out the nails and reduce how long your polish can last.’ 

One of the best and most affordable base coats out there is the essie Nail Care Strong Start Nail Polish Base CoatFortified with a host of beneficial ingredients, including Biotin and Vitamin E, its strengthening formula works to fortify and reinforce nails, leaving them harder and healthier with each use. It also helps your nail polish to last longer by minimising peeling, chipping and breakage.

5. File, Don’t Cut 

‘If your nails are too long for your taste, it’s best to file rather than cut them. If you do need to take a lot of length off, use nail clippers and finish with a glass nail file. Glass files aren’t as hard and ‘seal’ rather than ‘rough up’ the nail edge.’ 

For gorgeous nails, simply follow these five good-practice rules on how to manicure your nails and you’ll have healthy cuticles with a professional finish.

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