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ASMR Videos Are The YouTube Trend You Need To Know About

ASMR Videos Are The YouTube Trend You Need To Know About
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A relaxing wellness trend, ASMR videos are the latest YouTube phenomenon everyone is talking about – but what is the hype all about?

What Is ASMR?

For those of you who have never heard of ASMR, here’s what you need to know. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a relaxing sensation triggered by certain sights and sounds, such as whispering, hair brushing, light tapping and scratching.

It’s a form of wellness and self-care that creates the same chills and ‘tingling’ sensation as having someone play with your hair or trace your back with their fingertips. Many listeners tune in to ASMR videos to de-stress or relax in the evening, while others use them to send themselves to sleep or cure their insomnia.

Meet ASMR Artist Sophie Michelle

ASMR has recently become one of YouTube’s biggest trends and 22-year-old university student Sophie Michelle is one of the most popular ASMR artists out there.

  • Discovering ASMR

Sophie first started watching ASMR videos in 2015 when her older brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A stressful time for her family, she struggled to sleep properly. That’s when she started exploring ways of curing her insomnia, eventually coming across ASMR videos.

At night, she would use them to fall asleep, while they helped her with her anxiety during the day.

  • Launching Her Own Channel

In June 2017, Sophie starting uploading her own ASMR videos to YouTube in the hope bringing comfort to others, just as it had comforted her. She now has over 250 videos and more than 388 thousand subscribers.

In her videos, she explores powerful triggers for sleep and hypnosis by (to name just a few examples) tipping over a sand-filled hour glass, scratching a hairbrush, gently sweeping a makeup brush over the microphone or cutting through cardboard. The soothing sounds and gentle movements help her viewers relax.


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