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Save Or Splurge: Eye Cream, Moisturiser And Night Cream

Save Or Splurge: Eye Cream, Moisturiser And Night Cream
Writer and expert5 years ago
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I think you’ll all agree with me on this: there’s nothing worse than splurging on expensive skincare and it being a let-down (either because it doesn’t live up to its promise, or a cheaper product achieves the same results). So, to help you decide if you should splurge or save, I’ve asked everyone here at Glossy HQ to reveal what moisturiser, eye cream and night cream they use and why they think you should splash out or save your pennies


save or splurge GLOSSYBOX
  • Splurge –Estée Lauder £45

Kit strongly believes that putting on moisturiser is the most important step of your skincare routine, so she’s happy to spend a little more if she’s convinced a product is worth it – and she’s obsessed with Estée Lauder’s DayWear Anti-Oxidant Crème.

This moisturiser hydrates, smooths and brightens my skin, while also protecting it from sun damage.


Boasting a powerful anti-oxidant formula, this cream is a primer, SPF and moisturiser all in one. Kit loves that she only has to use one product to hydrate, prime and protect her skin. Plus, it sits really well under her makeup and gives her foundation a smooth finish.

  • Save – La Roche-Posay £16.50

I won’t lie, I own a selection of high-end moisturisers (Elemis’s Superfood Day Cream is a favourite), but La Roche-Posay’s Nutritic Intense Rich Moisturiser has earned a place on my dressing table too.

My skin is left feeling soft and refreshed!


Thick and creamy, it’s indulgent without the big price tag. It also absorbs into my skin really well, relieving dryness and tightness.

  • The Verdict

Sometimes spending a few extra pounds now can save you money down the line. With Estée Lauder’s moisturiser, you won’t need to buy an additional primer or SPF. If you’ve already bought both those things though, I’d opt for La Roche-Posay. As a moisturiser, it's on par with the high-end brands.

Night Cream

save or splurge GLOSSYBOX
  • Splurge -Avant £98

Long-time subscribers will remember the Avant Face And Eye Night Cream from our JanuaryGLOSSYBOX. The Glossy team trialled it before sending it your way, and it’s been part of Andy’s skincare regimen ever since.

I just love how it gets to work straight away, instantly making my skin feel less tight and more hydrated.


He says he’s definitely noticed a difference in his skin since he started using this night cream. It made his complexion feel smoother and look much plumper.

  • Save - Caudalie £32

Meg has very dry and sensitive skin, and often struggles to find a moisturiser that isn’t too heavy yet still efficiently hydrates her complexion. She’s tested all the highly-recommended high-end favourites, but has found that the Caudalie Vineactiv 3-in-1 Night Cream works best.

This moisturiser sinks in really well and doesn’t make makeup cakey if you apply it over the top. I’m hooked!


Boasting a lightweight and velvety formula, Meg says this cream deeply moisturises her complexion, giving her skin a bright and healthy finish.

  • The Verdict

Avant might cost more than you're used to, so I'd recommend opting for something high-end if you can get it at a discounted price (it really is worth it!), but for day-to-day use, a less pricey option works almost as well.

If you want to try luxury products like Avant subscribe to GLOSSYBOX to get premium products at a lower cost.

Eye cream

save or splurge GLOSSYBOX
  • Splurge - Elemis £38

This is where my bias towards Elemis becomes really apparent – I’ve even got my mum hooked! She started using their Peptide Eye Recovery Cream a few months ago and really likes it.

The lines around my eyes look smoother, which makes my whole face appear brighter.

@a Glossy mum

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this eye cream rejuvenates tired looking eyes, targeting dark under eye circles and soothing puffiness.

  • Save - Nip+Fab £14.95

Amy says she’s tried lots of high-end eye creams, but always goes back to her old favourite, Nip+Fab No Needle Fix. With this eye cream, she can really see a difference.

My skin feels plumper and softer.


Better yet, she can use it first thing in the morning and her makeup applies really well over the top. Oh, and a really good selling point, it’s usually on offer on LookFantastic.

  • The Verdict

Honesty time Glossies, my mum is a 50-something year old woman, so her skin needs an eye cream that is quite potent. If, like her, your skin is losing its elasticity, Elemis is the way to go. However, if you’re just trying to delay the appearance of fine lines or smooth out a few light wrinkles, then I’d say save your money and use Nip+Fab.

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I hope this 'save or splurge' guide helps you choose where to invest your money. Don't forget Glossies, you can also use your GLOSSYCredit to buy the above products on LookFantastic!

Let me know on our social channels which products you’re willing to spend that little bit extra on. I’ll be comparing high-end makeup to high street brands next month. Stay tuned!

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