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Trending Beauty Tips: Lilac Hair, Bold Makeup And Almond Nails

Trending Beauty Tips: Lilac Hair, Bold Makeup And Almond Nails
Writer and expert5 years ago
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When it comes to trending beauty tips, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re rocking lilac or grey hair, embracing bold makeup, or opting for almond-shaped nails, here’s all the know-how you need to flawlessly achieve your new look.

Enhance Your Look With Bold Makeup

If you’ve been paying attention to the red carpets this award season, you’ll have noticed one trend: statement makeup is back!

From Jameela Jamil and Alessia Cara’s bold red lips at the Grammys, to Lupita Nyong’o’s electric blue smokey eye at the Golden Globes and Amy Jackson’s gorgeous fiery scarlet eye look at the BAFTAs, all the celebs are flaunting colourful and vivacious makeup.

If you’re looking to up your coloured lip game, you’ll need these vibrant shades (don't forget, you can buy them on LookFantasticwith your GLOSSYCredit!).

I also love these bold eyeshadow palettes. The hues are so bright and colourful, perfect for creating a striking stand-out look.

Create The Perfect Almond-Shaped Nail

Flattering and stylish, this round and narrowed cut is THE trending nail shape of 2019 - and it’s no surprise why. If you have shorter fingers, you’ll find that this style makes them look longer and slimmer. Oppositely, those of you who already have slender-looking hands can opt for a short almond nail to give your manicure an elegant and sophisticated finish.


  • Start by marking the exact middle point of your nail using a spot of nail polish or a nail art pen.
  • Then, starting from the right, file down the side of your nail at a 50-degree angle, working towards that middle point. Repeat the process starting from the left.
  • Once you’ve softened the sides of your nails, you then want to smooth out the tip. Use your file to create a soft ‘U’ shape. And voilà, an elegant nut-shaped manicure that is so on trend!
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Insider Tip: I’d recommend that you alternate between filing on the right and on the left. It’s the easiest way of making sure both sides of your nails curve at the same angle.

Care For Your Pastel Hair

If you’ve been following the most googled beauty trends, you’ll know that both lilac and grey hair are set to be this year’s standout hairstyles. If you decide to rock the pastel look, here are a few tips on how to maintain a vibrant colour.

  • Wash Your Locks In Cool Water

Did you know that hot water opens up your hair cuticles and damages its colour pigmentation? To avoid washing out your dye, I’d recommend rinsing your hair in cooler water. It’ll make all the difference!

  • Use Violet-Based Shampoo

The easiest way of maintaining the icy undertones of your lilac or grey hair is to use a violet-based shampoo. These toning shampoos colour-correct the warm tones of natural hair and hide brassy tones. They’ll keep both your lilac and grey looking bright and cool.

  • Nourish Your Hair

The key to maintaining a lustrous colour is maintaining glossy locks. I’d recommend keeping both your hair and scalp nourished using a conditioner after every wash and a hair mask once a week.

  • Don’t Overwash

Let’s face it, a lot of us are guilty of washing our hairtoo often – and it really is detrimental to coloured locks. As pastel hair dyes aren’t designed to last longer than a couple of months, the more you wash your hair, the more the colour will fade. Make dry shampoo your best friend Glossies, it’ll save your gorgeous lilac and stylish grey.

There you have it Glossies! All the expert trending beauty tips you need to rock the latest looks that everyone is talking about. Check out our blog for more insider info.

Writer and expert
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