The Top Ten Beauty Trends In 2019: Pinterest’s Predictions

The Top Ten Beauty Trends In 2019: Pinterest’s Predictions

2019 is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s just a few more days into we reveal our incredible edit for the new year. In the meantime, though, here’s a sneak peek of the top ten beauty trends Pinterest predicts everyone will be raving about in 2019

Celebrate Pastel Hair

If you’re looking to flaunt a statement hair colour next year, pastel is the way to go. That’s right! According to Pinterest, lilac hair will be one of the top ten beauty trends in 2019.

We saw many celebs, including Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid rock the pastel trend this year. Now it’s your turn to embrace it! If you’re not ready to fully commit though, check out these non-permanent colourful hair dye formulas from Maria Nila.

Or Embrace Your Greys

Great news, Glossies! Grey hair is official in. No need to rush over to the hairdressers to cover up your roots, or do a quick DIY home dye. Instead, embrace your greys.

While Katie Holmes deliberately let her roots show at the Grammy awards earlier this year, other celebs, including Ariana Grande and Rita Ora, have been intentionally dying their locks to match the trend.

Big Lips Are About To Get Bigger

Bigger and bolder lipsticks have become the essential beauty product on every makeup-lover’s wishlist.

Pinterest predicts that bold, statement colours will be one of the top ten beauty trends next year. In 2019, turn your attention to your pout!

Powder Manicures Will Replace Gel and Shellac

Though this manicure technique has been around for a few years now, it’s recently become widely popular, and it’s no surprise why! Dip powders can last up to four times longer than traditional gels and they’re so much easier to remove.

Haven’t heard of dip powder? It’s also known as SNS nails. It involves applying a gel base over three quarters of the nail, before dipping the nail into a natural set powder. The nail is then shaped and groomed and finished off with a top coat. We’re expecting the trending technique to blow-up in the new year!

Witch Hazel: Your New Skincare Saviour

Known for its soothing and smoothing properties, Witch Hazel is expected to be one of top ten beauty trends in 2019.

Don’t worry, this beauty product isn’t as scary as it sounds! It helps even out your pores to achieve a fresh and healthy complexion. This wonder product is making a comeback, and we can’t wait!

It’s All About Being Glossy…

…and I don’t just mean being a GLOSSYBOX subscriber! 2019 is all about your dewy glow.

From lips to cheeks to lids, get ready to enhance your features with a smooth, pinky gloss.

Almond-Shaped Nails Are All The Rage

Forget square or pointed tips, almond-shaped nails are the latest manicure favourite.

Named after the round and narrow-tipped nut, this trending trim is flattering and stylish for elegant-looking hands.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

If you’re looking to achieve brighter and smoother skin, exfoliators are about to become your new best friend.

They remove dead or dry cells on the surface of your skin, to reveal the fresher and younger cells beneath. A brighter complexion awaits!

Longer and Fuller Lashes

From volumising mascaras and serums, to castor oil and Aloe Vera solutions, the beauty world is obsessed with achieving natural-looking lashes.

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The latest technique? Lash lifts! It’s essentially a perm for your lashes. They’ll look long and curly for up-to six weeks.

Cropped Fringes

Remember Emma Watson’s mini fringe? Well, it turns out that she might have triggered the latest hair trend.

The just-above-the-brow cut is the perfect hairstyle for a cool and effortless look.

Join Us In 2019

There you have it Glossies, the top ten beauty trends coming your way in 2019. We can’t wait! Though we’ve sold out of our December Editions, you can still be part of the Glossy family. Subscribe today to pre-order January’s edition and receive a welcome box in December. #StayGLOSSY

Eleanore Nash

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