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NIP + FAB Latest Skincare Serum Is A Must-Have

NIP + FAB Latest Skincare Serum Is A Must-Have
Writer and expert5 years ago
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There are only 23 more days until Christmas and that means we can now reveal the next beauty treat in your GLOSSY ‘Advent Calendar’ - are you as excited as I am? Box number two is a refreshing lightweight skincare serum from NIP + FAB that smooths, firms and hydrates the skin.

NIP + FAB Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum

Keeping your skin moisturised in the colder months is a must – and NIP + FAB Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum will definitely help you maintain that healthy glow. Don’t be frightened by the name, it’s not the Dragon’s Blood you’re thinking of! Taken from the resin of the Croton Lechleri tree, Dragon's Blood has been used since ancient times for its incredible antiviral and healing properties. It's the key ingredient in this lightweight serum. It's then blended with hyaluronic acid and delicate velvet flowers, to create a unique formula that instantly plumps up your skin too – perfect for the harsher seasons.

Tried and Tested: Its herbal scent paired with the cool gel-like consistency left my skin feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. After just a couple of uses, it had already cleared up a bit of eczema on my chin.

Top Tips For Best Results

To give your complexion that extra glow, start by cleansing your skin. Using a small fingernail-sized dollop of serum, massage gently into your face and neck. To leave your skin extra-soft, you can then apply your daily moisturiser over the top. Personally, I use the Sukin Facial Moisturiser. Not only does it leave my skin feeling soft, but Sukin is an environmentally-conscious brand.

The serum also acts as a great base for your makeup – even Kylie Jenner agrees!

NIP + FAB - Accessible, Affordable + Effective

Famous for their cutting-edge ingredients with eye-catching names like Dragon’s Blood and Snake, NIP + FAB have created a range of skincare products that smooth, firm, hydrate and tighten the skin. It’s time to add their luscious products to your daily skincare routine!

They also sell a full range of makeup, from medium coverage foundations to colourful eye shadow palettes and a wide selection of liquid lipsticks.

All I Want… Is Dragon’s Blood

We love to offer you Glossies a versatile skincare product that suits every skin type – and that’s why we’ve gone mad over DRAGON'S BLOOD FIX PLUMPING SERUM.

Struggling with dry skin? The hyaluronic acid targets dryness, rehydrating and refining the texture of your skin.

Suffering from a shiny or oily complexion? This serum contains gransil EP-9 that helps absorb excess oil and smooth the skin.

Trying to protect your skin? The dragon blood helps maintain a youthful complexion by creating a protective film to shield your skin from clogging dirt or pollutants.

Whatever your skin type, the Fix Plumping Serum has got you covered!

Get the full-sized 50ml version for £19.95.

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Writer and expert
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