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How To Highlight And Contour Using Your Shell Brush

How To Highlight And Contour Using Your Shell Brush
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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Your second sneak peek inside your ‘Under The Sea’ themed GLOSSYBOX is a mermaid essential and a GLOSSYBOX exclusive before it goes on sale 20th July! It's a gorgeous shimmering shell brush from Korean brand INUWET who are against animal testing and produce vegan and paraben free products.

This brush is a multi-tasking beauty gem that’ll help you to achieve the bronzed and shimmering goddess look that Gigi Hadid is rocking in Mykonos this summer!

Read on to see two tutorials I've made just for you GLOSSIES. In it I show how you can use your shimmering shell brush to bronze and contour, and how also highlight your face and body.

Tutorial 1: Contour and Bronze

Lucinka Under The Sea Box

The Shell brush is perfect for precision contouring and bronzing. Bronzer is a must-have for a healthy, sun-kissed glow. I also use a bronzer to subtly define features too. The velvety finish of this Chanel Bronzer, £40, leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-bathed look.

I apply this lightly onto places where you’d usually contour: under the cheek bones, on the hairline, the temples, the sides of your nose and your jawline. The thin edge of the Shell Brush makes this really easy! Of course, blending is key so blend, blend and blend again to get a subtle look.

Chanel Bronzer
1. Apply bronzer under your cheekbones, in your hairline and on your nose
Contouring Cheek Bones
2. Apply bronzer on your jawline for a chiselled look
Jawline Contouring
3. I then used the Shell Cheek Brush to add very subtle definition to my features, nothing to heavy or obvious.
How to contour

Tutorial 2: Highlight Your Face and Body

Highlighter is a must-have in the summer and it's my favourite way to add a healthy glow. Although cheekbones definitely get the most attention when it comes to highlighter, I don't stop there, I also love to highlight my cupid's bow, my nose and my collarbones to add definition and shimmer for a special event!

I love the MAC Highlighter Palette from the brand’s Hyperreal range.

I adore this trio of pearlescent hues - they add such a high impact sheen!

1. Highlight your cheekbones 
2. Highlight your nose

Highlight down the bridge of your nose and on the tip of your nose. This really opens up your face and add glow where your skin would naturally shine.

3. Highlight your collarbones

Now for my favourite part! If you are wearing a strappy top or strapless dress, this tip is a must. Add some highlighter to your collar bones for supermodel definition.

Highlighter With Shell Brush

The End Result

Bronzing and highlighting are perfect ways to get that post-holiday glow, even if you're not jetting off this summer. This cruelty-free and vegan friendly Shell Brush from INUWET is inside every July GLOSSYBOX so get your hands on one by subscribing now!

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Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls
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I am always searching for future trends - beauty, fashion, hair, you name it! I’ve tried every foundation under the sun and love trying up-and-coming makeup brands to compare them with the big names. Variety is the spice of life and my makeup bag is definitely wide-ranging.