Mindfulness Easter Monday: Spending Time With Loved Ones


Welcome back to Week 7! It’s Easter Monday and we’ve been using this lovely 4-day weekend to spend precious time with our loved ones and to get outside in the great outdoors!

Spending time with the ones you love not only has been proven to extend your life but it also has many more benefits for your health.

So, read on and reflect on the benefits…

1) It Boosts Your Happiness

Whether you love to spend time with your family, your friends or your SO, making space in your calendar for quality time to socialise is so important for your mental and well-being. Hosting a meal for your family or friends can be hectic but the sense of accomplishment is so worth it!

2) It Relieves Stress

Spending time with your friends and family can melt away all the stresses of the world. It can put your worries (whether they’re about work or your financial situation) into perspective. Sharing your worries or stresses with them could make you feel so much better and help you to deal with the situation in the best way.

3) It Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

You might be just going out for a coffee or maybe you’re going on a family day out, but getting out of the house and socialising is great for your health. Fresh air, exercise and some great food will give you a huge boost. So next time you think about passing on that family occasion, give it a go!

4) It Creates Memories

Nothing is more memorable than having a fun day out with your SO or the ones you love! This could be anything from a walk to a day out somewhere fun.

Money comes and goes but you treasure memories forever. So, take the plunge and do that activity you’ve always wanted to do.

5) It Creates A Balance

No matter how crazy your life gets, your family and closest friends will always be the foundation you can rely on and trust. Sometimes you need some stability, someone you can confide in and always count on.

Possible Days Out

With an ever-growing to-do list, it’s easy to let your priorities slip but make sure you make room for quality time with the ones you love! It could be something simple or something a bit different.

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