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The Best Candles For Mood Enhancement

The Best Candles For Mood Enhancement
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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It’s the season of blossoming flowers and new beginnings but we all still need a little mood boost every now and again. So we just had to try out the best candles in the market for mood enhancement and it seems like the businesswomen of Yorkshire are leading the way!

Happiness Scented Candle, £45

Neom candles, created by Yorkshire based Nicola Elliott, not only smell wonderful but have wellbeing benefits too. This is where their ‘Scent to Make Your Happy Range’ comes in, which has been specifically developed to boost your mood and balance your emotions.

Neom said:

 Happiness is a journey, not a destination

Notes of neroli, mimosa and lemon are combined with gorgeous essential oils. I loved that this scent was not overpowering and even before it was lit, it filled the room with an incredible fragrance. This candle was shortlisted for the 2016 award for the best aromatherapy product and it’s definitely a winner for us. They even have a cute handbag sized mood lifting treatment with the same scent, £8.

Happy Lime and Black Pepper Mood Candle, £48

Created by Yorkshire businesswomen Fiona Carr and Deborah Wilson, The Harrogate Candle Companies’s Happy range is packed with zesty notes that burst through the wrapping paper before you even open it. The packaging is just as gorgeous as the vibrant scents of limes and warming black pepper oil. Spicy and invigorating, we can’t get enough of this candle and its benefits. Fiona Carr, Director Harrogate Candle Company said:

A candle is simply a candle: it’s what you do when it’s lit that counts

So put your feet up, relax and let the aromatic fragrances surround you!

The Harrogate Candle Company

Life Elixirs Embrace Candle, £35

Looking for something a bit more sensual? This candle from ELEMIS is formulated with 21 pure essential oils, including warming vetiver, earthy and meditative frankincense and spicy rose pepper.

We absolutely love the purple and silver candle design too. The founders of ELEMIS said:

We start with an IDEA, we create a VISION, we believe in our vision and we make it happen

The Ritual of Happy Buddha Scented Candle, £21.50

Rituals leads the way in making mindfulness its key philosophy and they’ve created the perfect candle. Based on sweet orange and the warm fragrance of cedar wood, it certainly creates an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and relaxing. It’s modern design and orange box are gorgeous to look at too and it’s a welcome addition to every bathroom, bedroom or lounge. We love the Rituals moto too:

Smile and the world smiles back

So, sit back, relax and breathe in these recipes for happiness.

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The Queen Of Curls
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