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Introducing Mindfulness Mondays

Introducing Mindfulness Mondays
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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At GLOSSYBOX, while beauty is the backbone of everything we do and pampering is our passion, as a team we feel we have a responsibility to support you, our GLOSSIES, in every aspect of your daily lives. We believe now is the time to give our minds a little TLC.

Announcing the launch of #MindfulnessMondays. Every Monday we will providing a positive start to your week with uplifting quotes alongside articles from leading mindfulness expert Laura Bamber.

Imagine all the things we can achieve when we start to recognise our own strengths and help other people to realise theirs.

For me personally, Mindfulness is a topic really close to my heart. I’m now thriving in my dream job here at GLOSSYBOX thanks to many of the techniques I’ve learnt. It’s so important to have a clean, healthy mind. Always believe in yourself and treat yourself how you would want to be treated by your friends and family.

I feel so lucky to chat and engage with such lovely GLOSSIES every day! I love getting to know you and your stories, it’s like I have one HUGE group of friends!

What is mindfulness?

To help us in our journey, we have teamed up with Laura Bamber. Known as the "Ultimate Mindfulness Cheerleader", Laura is a mindfulness expert, yoga teacher and founder of The Vibrancy Hub, to guide us through a journey of self-development and mindfulness! We asked Laura to explain the meaning of mindfulness...

Mindfulness boils down to one word…awareness. Being aware of what is happening in your body, mind and all around you in your world.

Mindfulness is about positivity, taking time out and having a fresh outlook. Laura continued "once you are aware, it is so much easier to cultivate more happiness in your life. You can make conscious choices about how you want to live your life rather than racing through life on a treadmill and forgetting to look up and enjoy the journey!"


Why is mindfulness important?

Did you know women have up to 120,000 thoughts which pass through our heads everyday? This can be us dwelling on events that have happened in the past or worrying about the future. According to Laura we are lost in thought, for on average, 47% of our day - so imagine what we are missing!

It's like we've fallen asleep at the wheel and are missing so many beautiful life experiences.

As Laura explains: "we are not enjoying the juicy conversation that we are having with a friend, the lovely sushi lunch we are eating or the gorgeous sunset on our way home from work."

Mindfulness Wellbeing

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

We asked Laura about the benefits that come with creating a more mindful mindset:

  • It’s a tool that can help you cope better with difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety and even depression.
  • It helps to boost your productivity and effectiveness in a work environment as you have much more clarity and focus.
  • Mindfulness not only benefits you but it benefits the people around you enormously! By being more present in all your interactions, you will nurture more connected and meaningful relationships.
  • To me the ultimate benefit is that it leads to great overall life satisfactionand fulfilment as you are essentially strengthening your mindset, helping you to stay focused on your goals and life vision.

Laura's mindfulness journey 

We asked Laura to tell us about her journey, and how mindfulness helped her. A full fledged accountant in the corporate world, working in very high-pressure environments, Laura was living life to the max.

Throughout most of my twenties, I was on the treadmill of life, charging ahead to achieve crazy goals and completely neglecting my health and happiness.

While living in Sydney and working for a bank, Laura was introduced to mindfulness via a podcast in which the host was interviewing a bunch of successful people from a variety of different fields. The most common ritual that they all carried out was mindful meditation! "These guys were using mindfulness to boost their performance", commented Laura "and were actually using it to get an edge on other people within their field".

That was it for me…the minute I realised mindfulness would make me more and not less effective, I was sold.

Mindfulness gave Laura a new perspective on everything! As opposed to being so buried in what she is doing, Laura can see things much more clearly.

I make better decisions about business and the way I live my life.

Continue the mindfulness journey...

Keep a look out for more Mindfulness Monday posts for mindfulness techniques and more top tips.

You can enrol for a six session package with Laura or have a one-off 90 minute session (via Skype or face-to-face). Visit The Vibrancy Hub and their Facebook and Instagram page to find out more.

Not a GLOSSY? What are you waiting for? Subscribe from just £10 a month.

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The Queen Of Curls
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