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Runway To Real Life: Pink Glitter Eyes

Writer and expert6 years ago
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Glitter makeup can be an opinion divider. While we may have all adored glitter as kids, once we get a little older it gets trickier to wear.

While there are those of us who are fully fledged glitter advocates and will adorn a bit of sparkle at each and every opportunity, others may be a little less keen. But with the shows offering up a whole host of grown-up  glittery looks for us to play with, it's time for us to embrace glitter for all its worth.

One of our favourite looks had to be at Emanuel Ungaro's Autumn/Winter show, where models adorned pretty pink glitter on their eyelids. So naturally, we hopped in the GLOSSYBOX beauty booth to give it a go…


How To DIY Pink Glitter Eyelids

To try this look yourself, start by applying a little vaseline to your eyelids, then using your finger lightly dab on some pink glitter, carefully apply it over your entire eyelid.

To finish, curl your lashes and apply a couple of coats of jet black mascara, then slick on a glossy pink lipstick.

Need some glitter in your makeup bag? Shop four of our favourite products below for adding a little pink sparkle...
MAC Snow Ball Pigment & Glitter Kit, £25

With two pink pigment powders (which can be applied dry or wet for a more intense finish) plus a bright pink glitter pot, this is the kit for experimenting. It comes in a cute rose gold sequin clutch bag, too.

NYX Professional Makeup Face and Body Glitter, £5.50

A finely milled glitter, this pot of sparkles is great for applying to your eyelids then dusting over your shoulders too for extra shimmer.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner, £15

Either choose the light pink Grind or the magenta Catcall to add a slick of glitter liner to your look. The applicator means you’ll have greater control if you want to add it under your lower lashes.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter, £11

Super fine, this glitter powder is perfect for pressing onto your eyelids and then sprinkling in your hair too, for a final flourish.

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Writer and expert
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