Beauty School: Applying Blusher To Match Your Face Shape

Blusher is undoubtedly one of our favourite beauty products, namely because it’s so transformative. Not only does it have the ability to instantly pep up your complexion with a healthy flush of colour, but if you apply it more strategically to suit your face shape, it can flatter and enhance your bone structure.

We’ve teamed up with Sleek MakeUP to ensure you all receive an uplifting shade of blush in October’s GLOSSYBOX! It magically transforms from cream to a light powder as you blend it into your cheeks, leaving a pretty pop of colour that lasts all day. If you’re not a subscriber yet, join us here and get this plus four other magical makeup products delivered to your door.

Here’s how to apply blush to match your face shape – use a brush or your fingers tips.

Oval face
Tap and blend your new Sleek MakeUP Blusher just above your cheekbones, as this will help to lift them to new heights.


Heart shaped face
Smile at yourself in the mirror and apply blush high onto the apples of your cheeks to elongate the face and enhance your bone structure. A pop of blusher at the temples will also help balance the width of your forehead with your chin.


Square face
A square face is characterised by cheekbones that are the same width as the chin, so the trick is to emphasis the cheekbones so that they stand out. Blend it blush slightly below your cheekbones and add a little along the hairline to help soften the face.


Round face
Apply your blusher from your ears and down the cheekbones towards your mouth, then add a touch to the centre of the chin, blending it in well – this will help your face appear longer.


Triangular face
For triangular face shapes, it’s all creating a V-shape. Carefully blend blusher up from your cheeks and towards your temple, then blend it around the temples and over your brows towards the centre of your forehead. This will balance out the width of your forehead with the rest of your face.

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