How To Wake Up With Better Hair…

Beyonce may have said ‘I woke up like this’, but if your reality is that your hair looks ridiculous when you get out of bed then you may want to read on…

Solving problems like big bed hair, flat bed hair and every other morning hair dilemma, prepare to wake up like Queen Bee.

For frazzled morning hair
If you go to sleep with hair that looks and feels smooth, but wake up with big, out-of-control hair then Noughty Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner, £6.99, could be the answer. The 97% natural conditioner is packed with shea butter and argan oil that keeps that early morning frizz at bay.

For flat morning hair
If your hair is on the fine side then you’ll know that sustaining any kind of volume can be tricky. If you spend your mornings layering products to create lift then get ready to snooze your alarm, because the Redken No Blow Dry Airy Cream for Fine Hair, £10.35, is packed with polymers that give the bounce and movement of a blow-dry without the arm-ache of having to style it in there yourself.

For wild morning hair
If you wake up with hair that looks as though someone has spent the night backcombing it then anything that will tame or smooth should be on your agenda. Conditioning products will help, but if you want to take a lateral approach then Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, £39, might be the answer. The silk fibres reduce friction while you sleep and ask silk contains the same naturally-occurring proteins as hair it can help prevent it from drying out and frizzing-up.

For dull morning hair
The multitasking function of the This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir, £25, offers you a restful night’s sleep and a solution to lacklustre morning hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair to deliver the calming combination of lavender and chamomile to aid sleep plus Argan oil and rejuvenating Baobab for a revitalised head of hair when you wake up.

For lank morning hair
If you spend ages blow-drying your hair only to have all that bouncy volume knocked out when you’re asleep there is an answer. Boots Sleep Rollers, £3, are comfortable enough to sleep in – although we suggest using them on the hairline – don’t require pins and help maintain that well-earned volume. There’s no need for heat or styling, just section hair, wrap around the rollers and the velcro will keep them in place, even if you’re a fidgety sleeper, without any discomfort.

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