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5 Makeup Organisers To Satisfy Your Inner Neat Freak

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Like things to be tidy, but can’t seem to stop your foundations getting mixed up with your highlighters? It’s time to get organised…

Makeup is a wonderful thing and adding to your collection is one of life’s easiest feel-good things to do. But when you’ve accumulated a foundation collection that takes in everything from full coverage to the new water-weight bases, have eyeshadows numbering in the hundreds and have a brush for every possible look, you need to get organised. Here’s how...

Think the efficiency of a filofax with the choice of an entire beauty department and you’re at the Trish McEvoy Ultimate Beauty Organiser, £35. Pouches, planners, clear pockets - there’s a chance you’ll spend more time organising your favourite products than you will putting them on your skin.

If you want to go full Kardashian - just take a look at their stacked see-through drawers in their bathrooms - then head to Muji where drawers that are big enough to take a bottle of foundation or a tube of primer can be easily found. The Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers, £24.95, will give a sense of I-know-where-everything-is and you won’t have to hunt through all your makeup bags (we know you have more than one) to find the highlighter you need.

No one likes a messy dressing table. In fact, spilled powders, smeared lipstick swatches and disorganised makeup don’t lend themselves to creating a beautiful look. Conran Shop Clear Makeup Organiser, £50, gives you the ease of being able to slot all your most-used makeup into compartments that live on your dressing table, making everything look and feel a lot more controlled.

Makeup brushes are so essential, but by their very design they can roll off dressing tables and under the bed and before you know it your smokey eye has gone from sultry to sorry. Your best bet is to keep them in a makeup brush roll, like the ones used by makeup artists, so you keep all those much-loved tools in one place. Morphe Makeup Brush Roll, £45, can house all the brushes even a card-carrying makeup addict will ever need - and you can pack it down and slip it into your luggage.

While mini-breaks and holidays are nothing but thrilling they do pose the issue of having to edit the contents of your bathroom into the smallest of zip-up wash bags. If your bags are busting and their seams it might be worth considering something a tad hardier and less likely to buckle under the strain, while also give you some practical compartments so your beauty goodies are organised. BRIC's Folding Toiletry Bag, £115, hangs up, features clever compartments and has a generously-sized bag so you can take some full-sized beauty essentials with you too.

For all the makeup-up hoarders out there (we have plenty in the office), a Ted Baker Gem Garden Vanity, £140, will fit your entire beauty collection and more inside. Plus, it's the perfect side for hand luggage - who needs to pack clothes, anyway?

Writer and expert
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