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Extreme Beauty Testing: Endurance Makeup

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Whether you're after makeup that'll stand up to humid, stressful commutes through summer or want something to stay put throughout your weekly workout, there's a new brand on the block that promises to tick all the boxes.

Say hello to SportFX, a high performance, dual-purpose makeup and skin care range. We set our social assistant Emma the task of testing it out by putting it through its paces at an outdoor bootcamp.

Here's how she got on...

'I'm not a huge fan of working out with a full face of makeup on, however it's nice to have to some eyebrows in place while you're working up a sweat! (and potentially a little coverage to stop me turning into a complete beetroot).

While a bootcamp class isn't my usual workout, I thought it was probably the best way to truly put the range to the test. I applied three of the products -Balance Boosting BB Cream, £12.99, Shape Up Brow Pencil, £7.99, and Performance Powder + Bronzer compact, £14.99 - and away I went.

The BB cream gave me a light coverage with a subtle glow, thanks to its nourishing vitamins and Green Coffee Green extracts. It definitely stayed put throughout my workout without producing those dreaded patches and I could easily top it up after without it feeling like it caked. I was most excited to try the eyebrow pencil, as I rarely go anywhere without my brows on. Happily, it lived up to my expectations and gave me stay-put brows throughout my work out and beyond - it truly has a place in my makeup bag now. It's super pigmented yet blends easily (and doesn't slip off while working up a sweat). I'm pretty sure if I wore it swimming, I'd still have eyebrows after!

I did see some shine on my face after my work out, but that's just to be expected (no one wants clogged up pores). The bronzer gave me a healthy glow without being cakey and the powder certainly helped keep everything in place. Safe to say I'll definitely be wearing these products for my next trip to the gym - and probably in general too.'

Writer and expert
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