Wendy Rowe’s Favourite Skin Perfectors

The quest for perfect skin can sometimes seem endless, but if there’s someone we can turn to for a bit of advice, it’s the woman behind many an A-List glow and all round skincare buff, Wendy Rowe.

As Burberry’s creative consultant, she’s undoubtedly the master of nude makeup. But in order to create a flawless finish, an essential step to perfecting your look is the skincare you apply first. By this, we mean gently exfoliating away any dead skin and ensuring our complexions are hydrated and nourished, so we’re left with the perfect base for any makeup that follows.

Three products she swears by to do just this are inside her limited edition Glossybox, which you can buy here. Watch the video below as she reveals what they are, why they’ve earned pride of place in her beauty line-up and her top tips on applying them…



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