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Are You Shaving Your Legs Correctly?

Writer and expert7 years ago
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Sure, you've been shaving those legs of yours for years now - for so long, in fact, that gliding that razor over your legs has become second nature. You could probably do it with your eyes closed (although we really wouldn't recommend that, but you get the picture.)

You see, it turns out that an awful lot of us have been shaving our legs incorrectly this whole time! From not prepping correctly to using the razor in the wrong way, if you tend to shave your legs only to find they're prickly an hour later, you may want to read on. We called upon the experts at Wilkinson Sword to give us a few top tips and let us in of the mistakes many of us have been making - and more importantly, how to stop!

Here are some top tips on how to shave your legs like a pro, for the smoothest finish ever...

Always exfoliate firstYep, that's right, one of the biggest mistakes we make is not exfoliating when we're supposed to. Ideally, you should exfoliate your legs the day before shaving - this will help prevent ingrown hairs as any trapped under dead skin will be released!

The benefits of shaving gelDo you often find your legs are a little irritated or blotchy after shaving? Gels and foams help you get the most from your razor by lifting and softening the hairs and allowing the razor to easily glide over your skin. The result? A closer shave and no irritation.

Never shave without water It may sound obvious, but we've all been there. You're about to go out and realise your legs are a tad on the prickly side so you quickly run the razor over them dry. Water helps to moisten the hair and dry hair is far harder to cut through, which leads to tugging, pulling and in turn irritation. Taking a few extra minutes to moisten your legs first will leave them with a far better finish.

Soak your skinDid you know, by soaking our skin in warm water for 2 or 3 minutes before shaving expands the hairs by 60%, making them a whole lot easier to razor off? However, if you shave in the bath, make sure you do it near the start of your hour-long soak. Once your skin starts to wrinkle after 15-20 minutes, it makes it far more difficult to get close shave.

Create a flatter surface Next time you shave, gently stretch the skin. This will give your a flatter surface, which makes it easier to catch all the hairs.

Writer and expert
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