Beauty School: 5 Ways To Use Lip & Cheek Tint

We’re big fans of lip and cheek tints. They’re the type of multi-tasking product that should be tucked inside every handbag, namely because they work double duty to add a flush of healthy colour to both your cheeks and lips.

So we’re excited to reveal that this month we’ve popped UBeauty’s multi-use blush and lip colour in every box! It’s the perfect shade for autumn and what’s more, it suits every skin tone. Not a subscriber yet? You can get your hands on it here.

Here are 5 different ways to use it…

Say hello to draping, the latest trend taking on contouring. It’s the art of giving your face a sculpted, soft glow by using blusher instead of your usual brown contouring product to ‘drape’ your angles in a rosy-hued colour. Simply tap some of UBeauty’s multi-use blush and lip colour on just below the apples of your cheeks then take it up around the side of your face to your temple. Then, using a makeup brush, swirl a highlighter on top to blend awat the edges and add a radiant sheen.

Glossy eyes
To create a sheeny, natural eye lightly sweep a eyeshadow brush across your UBeauty multi-use blush and lip colour to pick up some colour, then apply it across your lid and along your lower lash line. For a glossy finish, tap some vaseline or a similar product on top.

Using a lip brush, delicately swirl it over the UBeauty multi-use blush and lip colour and use it to neatly outline your lips. Then follow the same process, but this time them in with colour to create a subtle, pink pout.

A simple way to add a flash of colour to your cheeks! Tap the UBeauty multi-use blush and lip colour directly onto the apples of your cheeks then use the tip of your finger to lightly dab and blend it in.

Lip cocktailing
lips mix
To adjust the colour, we’ve been mixing our UBeauty multi-use blush and lip colour with a nude lipstick to create a pinky nude hue!


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