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Extreme Beauty Testing: ‘Party-Proof’ Hairspray

Writer and expert8 years ago
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We've all been there, you style your hair into the most perfect loose curls only to discover two hours later that they have totally dropped out - so much so it looks like a tong never touched your locks in the first place.

While we all know the key secret to keeping your style in place is hairspray, often it can also leave us with tacky, hard locks that may not budge, but look utterly ridged. It's all about finding that perfect hairspray that keeps your 'do in place no matter what you're doing, while allowing your hair to move freely. And it just so happens we may have found just the one: Blow Ltd #10minuteblow Party Proof Hairspray, £8.

So, we decided to really put it through its paces and see if it could hold out through an entire day in the office, numerous humid tube journeys and a night out (it does say it's party proof, after all). Here's what our Campaign Manager Coryn's hair looked like the day after styling, both with and without hairspray...

With hairspray

24 hours after first styling her hair, Coryn's locks were still in pretty loose waves - they even survived 5 hours of dancing followed by an 8 hour snooze.

No hairspray

Coryn repeated the same activities, but without any hairspray in her hair - which unfortunately had totally dropped out by 2pm, never mind lasting through to the next day.

Verdict: Party proof by name, party proof by nature. Not only does Blow LTD's hairspray keep your style in tact for a solid 24 hours, it doesn't leave your locks feeling rock hard in the process.

Writer and expert
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